Wednesday, September 28, 2005

the incredible luck of bobby jindal

sep 28

it is such a good thing for jindal as well as for indian-americans that jindal did not become the governor of louisiana!

imagine the headlines if he had screwed up with katrina like kathleen blanco did:

"brown guy messes up"

"incompetent hindu" (of course for purposes of abuse all indians are hindus, even though bobby j is a 'born-again' christist and a loud one at that)

"bloody indians. first they steal our jobs. now they let our people die. where's the nearest tree and a big rope?"

"send the brown immigrant guy back to wherever he came from"

"let's open a concentration camp and put all the brown people in it (as we did to the japanese)"

"if only we had a good strong white guy as governer (like good old huey long)"

hard for them to say this sort of stuff about a native cajun (?) white female like kathleen blanco. thank you, blanco, for being the fall gal for all brown people. of course you won only because you were running against a brown guy, so this is sweet irony. god does have a sense of humor.

we would have been reading about the 'short, happy life of bobby jindal' otherwise (with apologies to ernest hemingway).


Anonymous said...

Kathleen Blanco's platform when she campaigned for governorship was not based on race or enthinicity. that was Bobby Jindal's platform, (are all desi's, who pumped money to that fake called Jindal, not racists.?)he wanted everyone to know that he was a born again and wants to be a "redneck". the fact is that he realized at the age of 16, his talent and academic brilliance wont take him too far , particularly in racist south, unless he becomes a "born-again" .being indian or being of indian heritage doesnt make anyone a true indian. indianness is an identity stemming out of the ultimate truth of existence.
desi's should stop being racist, by stopping the flow of dollars to that fake called Jindal, he is an insult to the true idea of being indian.

Dric said...

"Stone Cold" welcome to Indian commies in Nepal!!I wish someone had hurled a bomb or two on these scum bags.

Dric said...

the url :

dric said...

Hi Guys..

A nagging doubt: What is the idea behind the " BY INVITE ONLY" service of Google and others.Is it just to restrict the number of users during the beta testing ? Is there any other intention?

satish said...

Hello all,
Do you really think Christians are as big a threat to us as Muslims are, with open aggression. No, before you flame me, I must say I am not Christian or Muslim, basically I am not secular. (for me, secular = marxist, muslim, christian,laloo yadav, etc).
The point is, Christians do indulge in conversion activities. Sometimes they do bribe. But I dont think they really fill in hate against us pagans, as Muslims do. Atleast they dont preach jehad or "kill all non-believers" ideology. They dont fill in much hate against the country, as Muslims do. They dont preach treason or treachery like Muslims. They dont have much of a ghetto mentality. They dont demand special laws. Atleast, the Christians raise their converts living standards, and not push them into the abyss of hate like Muslims do. I do believe that bribing and inducements is a wrong way to convert. A person might change religion on his own choice, that is ok. But fooling poor innocent people is a wrong thing to do. I hope sensible Christians reading this would understand. I dont think Jesus would have ever supported such a cheap practice. Imagine if the situation were reversed, a violent Hindu minority converting Christians with bribe.

If they convert tribals by using money, free medicines, etc, then I am happy such people who can sell their souls for religion leave the Hindu fold. We do not need such people amongst us. I wonder how Christians would also want such people in their fold. Any Christian reading this. Think about it. You are filling your "soul fields" with people with no souls. They might anyday leave Christiandom and join Jehaddom, for money (or young gay boys ;)).
Your comments please. And remember, please dont bash me, I am not secular.

Raghu. said...


I think Christians (the converting type of course) are equally dangerous to Muslims if not more. Muslims convert with sword, Christians with intelligence. They are patient people, they wait for the right opportunity, even if it takes years. They have long term plans, and the willingness to see them executed. Look at North east India, and some parts of Andhra. In Guntur and Medak, I heard there are more Churches than temples now.. And contrary to belief they are not so non-voilent.


Raghu said...

I am happy Jindal is not Governer for a different reason. He was exhibiting all the enthusiasm of a neo-convert. I hate people who flaunt their religiosity (that too acquired) for personal gains. He is no different than apna Laloo.

bodhi dharma said...

What Rajeev told is very true. A 'brown' Indian is always identified as Hindu by default. So the neo-converts have an over-enthusiasm to bash India and other religions. This is pretty cheap on their part. Probably they were 'oppressed' in India, converted and went abroad. There again they can't get rid of the 'brownie Hindu' image and get totally oppressed by the white racists! What a terrible life for these neo-converts.

Strongly agree with Raghu. Christian converts can be as violent and terrorizing as Islamic terrorists, especially in Christian dominated areas like C.Travancore districts and Southern TN. We already see this in NE. Once they are in majority, then the Church will zimply bully and destroy the other creeds using their muscle,man,money power.

indianpatriot said...

Anybody who knows the Goan history will tell you that Christians were as bad or as worse as Ghoris, Tughlaks. Here is a web link regarding Hindu Holocaust during Goan Inquisition.
Please also read an interview by an American Jew about his recent book regarding Goan Inquisition where everybody including Hindu, Jew, Muslims were ruthelessly prosecuted.

The goan inquisition has own question to me. Escaping prosecution our Kuldevasthan deithies were brought to Aversa in Karnataka(Near Karwar) from Banavali in Goa.

Sri Katyayini Baneshwara Temple
Aversa 581316
Boat Shaped, this temple of Aversa was constructed by a merchant about 400 years ago for deity brought from Banavali in Goa. Sri Grama Purusha, Sri Katyayini, Sri Baneshwar, Sri Ganapathi, Sri Rama Purusha, Sri Nirakara, Sri Kala Bhairav, Sri Dauda, these deities are affiliated to this temple.

Everybody talking about Iranian Ayothallas forget about evangelist Ayothallas in current rulling dispensation in whitehouse(I am no appologist for Non proliferation Ayothallas in democrats).
What about Intelligent design instead of teaching Evolution (which is against Bible it seems). How different is Christianity from Wahabi Islam or Stalinist Russia or calling Environmental pollution as junk science.

I always follow Bharat Karnad's priciple (Saraswath like me who escaped Goan Inquisition 4 or 5 generations back). India should have alliances of convenience whether with Evangelical USA or Iran (Eventhough Iran has not hurt India as much by US) or Commie China. Only permanent Allies of India are fellow asian countries (Japan, Korea , Vietnam, Thailand, Srilanka etc).
How wonderfull after 500 years of Vascoda Gama and domination of Asia by Western(Mainly Fundamentalist Christians) Asia is coming on to its own. 500 years back most of Asia was much richer and more civilized than Christian west.

Kalyani said...

Both churchianity and islam are but diabolical,ruthless creeds.They are imperialistic tendencies parading in the name of 'religion'.Veda Vyasar summed it up as the main characteristic of this kali yugam.Both would perish eventually as they have nothing to do with God!

Read N.S.Rajaram's book "Nostradamus and Beyond"

Kalyani said...

In fact,what Jesus Christ taught was pure 'Vedantam'as He says "I have not come to contradict but fulfill".

Constantinople and many successive greedy and vested interests manipulated and thoroughly distorted everything.As somebody had posted elsewhere in this blog,it is nothing but an extension of unholy roman empire!

Read this link:

Kalyani said...