Wednesday, September 28, 2005

christist terrorists in the northeast kill hindus

sept 28

forwarded by reader raju.

of course this sort of stuff never gets any media play. the media is full of idiotic stories about
a) whether ganguly should go or stay (answer: dump all nonpeformers)
b) whether there is a rift between advani and the rss (answer. it's immaterial)

the serious and important stories, such as the mitrokhin story, are completely buried.

the terrorists in the northeast are christists. the nltf has previously banned durga puja.

if they dont like bengalis, isn't it strange they are shooting at only hindu bengalis? why? are they scared of mohammedan retaliation if they kill mohammedan illegal immigrants from bangladesh? they must be. hindus are soft targets, the 'secular' governments will do nothing if hindus are killed.

in kerala, when there was a communal riot at poovar where christists torched mohammedan houses, the government immediately rebuilt the houses.

but for hindus affected by the tsunami, the oommen chandy government did not rebuild houses, actively prevented the amrita ashmam from doing so, all so that christist 'charities' could come in and do some conversion.

christists are as fanatic and destructive as mohammedans, but they are more subtle and market themselves much better. mohammedans destroy cultures by fire and sword, christists do by theft and strangulation.

indian culture was severely affected by mohammedans in the 1100-1700 CE timeframe, and is under severe threat from christists now.

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From: Raju
Date: Sep 26, 2005 10:55 AM
Subject: links

Hi Rajeev:

I'm a big fan of your columns in rediff. Here a few links on the atrocities
by the christian terrorists in Northeast. I thought they would be helpful
especially the second link where the militants targeted Hindus.

Thank you,


indianpatriot said...

Anybody who knows the Goan history will tell you that Christians were as bad or as worse as Ghoris, Tughlaks. Here is a web link regarding Hindu Holocaust during Goan Inquisition.
Please also read an interview by an American Jew about his recent book regarding Goan Inquisition where everybody including Hindu, Jew, Muslims were ruthelessly prosecuted.

The goan inquisition has own question to me. Escaping prosecution our Kuldevasthan deithies were brought to Aversa in Karnataka(Near Karwar) from Banavali in Goa.

Sri Katyayini Baneshwara Temple
Aversa 581316
Boat Shaped, this temple of Aversa was constructed by a merchant about 400 years ago for deity brought from Banavali in Goa. Sri Grama Purusha, Sri Katyayini, Sri Baneshwar, Sri Ganapathi, Sri Rama Purusha, Sri Nirakara, Sri Kala Bhairav, Sri Dauda, these deities are affiliated to this temple.

Everybody talking about Iranian Ayothallas forget about evangelist Ayothallas in current rulling dispensation in whitehouse(I am no appologist for Non proliferation Ayothallas in democrats).
What about Intelligent design instead of teaching Evolution (which is against Bible it seems). How different is Christianity from Wahabi Islam or Stalinist Russia or calling Greenhouse effect as junk science.

I always follow Bharat Karnad's priciple (Saraswath like me who escaped Goan Inquisition 4 or 5 generations back). India should have alliances of convenience whether with Evangelical USA or Iran (Eventhough Iran has not hurt India as much as US) or Commie China. Only permanent Allies of India are fellow asian countries (Japan, Korea , Vietnam, Thailand, Srilanka etc).
How wonderfull after 500 years of Vascoda Gama and domination of Asia by Western(Mainly Fundamentalist Christians) Asia is coming on to its own. 500 years back most of Asia was much richer and more civilized than Christian west.

Kalyani said...


I don't get it.How come Amrita Ashramam is not able to surmount christist conspiracy?Do they not have solid international credibility?Honestly,I am confused;could you please clarify.

Charity is not christian monopoly;in fact they are far removed from it!

blackpanther said...

here is an interesting, incredibly detailed point by point refutation of creationism and intelligent design:

Kalyani said...

satish said...

Hi Rajeev,

I got your point. But I have seen not all Christians are that fanatic-evangelical as Muslims are towards their jehad and islamic laws(or islamic banks, or movies, or colas, or islamic stock markets, or islamic software, or islamic meat, or whatever. There are so many islamic-putanythinghere.) The percentage of fanatics amongst Christians is much less than in Muslims. There are fanatics of course, like in Goa and NorthEast. Well, but I think they are more open to reasoning than Muslims. Anyway, we should be careful of their propaganda. Let us be proud of our identity. Let us see through the Marxist propaganda machine. Let us follow Hindu ideals more closely, and not lower our self-esteem under media fire. The pseudo - seculars are generally low grade BA History passouts from some obscure university in britain (like Thappar mata and irfan habib), where the professor would be awed by Indian "mythology", like we are awed by greek and roman mythology.

Shankar said...

Rediff used to report these facts. In Southern India, you could see the news only in dailies like Punnyabhoomi. Sothern media is totally controlled by the wealthy x-ian group - Manorama

Basically X-ians are cowards,you just need to respond well and they cry out and make a cacophony in media and activates global terrorists like Biju mathews, Thampus etc to raise dollars. (eg Public response to frocklings from Theresa charity in Kozhikode, a white paedophile -cum -rapist priest from abroad in TVPM etc) But Muslims are dump and emotional and takes the sword right-away. In fact, both are equally violent but in different ways - one by mental since they dont have guts, other by physical methods.

AlwaysIndian said...

Please sign the below petition to show Romila Thapar her place. Like a true big ego commie/pseudo-intellectual/pseudo-secular progressive liberals, she does not even accept that her theories are wrong, contrary to scientific evidence.

By the way, can anyone elaborate on who the h*LL is she. What is her background. Who has given her the authority to ridicule Indians in their own country. Where in britain did she buy her cheap BA history degree from.
The petition, accessible at, includes space for signatories to comment on their opposition to Thapar’s appointment. Entries range from the unintentionally ironic (“Thapar is a pseudointeelectual [sic]” – Ravi Kandula, #1106) to the overtly communal (“Do you know the similaries [sic] between muslims and commies? They are both anti-national (they don’t believe in nations). They believe in killing all non-believers” – V Jayaram, #2072) to expressions of injured Indian honour (“Romila is a hindu-hating marxist who would stoop to anything to denigrate her own country. I hope that New Delhi revokes her citizenship, seizes her assets and declares her and her family persona non grata” – Gautam P Ganesh, #1578) to a sense of American patriotism rooted in anti-communism (“As a proud Indian-American, I feel the US has an obligation not to appoint Communists or Extremists/Leftists to important positions in the Library of Congress” – Raj Mohanka, #490) and even to an ostensible commitment to prevent an unqualified person from receiving an appointment (“How can someone with no knowledge of history and shoddy research be nominated to this post!!!! I protest strongly as a US citizen and active voter!” – Chetan Gandhi, #762). While most signatories chose to leave the comment space blank, the presence of a large number of hostile expressions from Indian-Americans drawing on right-wing strands of both Indian and American nationalisms helps to locate the campaign’s geographic and ideological coordinates. As stated by SRIDHAR, #750, “Romila Thapar is a Indian Traitor”, a succinct statement clear enough in its meaning, notwithstanding the misused article.