Monday, September 26, 2005

the varanasi cd-rom

sep 26

i mentioned this but forgot to put in the url

btw, i much prefer the name 'benares' although i understand varanasi is the age-old name.

i have a plan to go on pilgrimage to varanasi, rishikesh and manasarovar one of these days.


KapiDhwaja said...

Hey Rajeev,
Wouldn't it be prudent for you to wait for the Manasarovar pilgrimage until it becomes free from chinese hands?

Rishi Gajria said...

Yup, understand how you feel.
Much prefer Bombay to Mumbai.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Mumbai to Bombay because Mumbai represents the name of the place named after Mumba Devi, while Bombay represents British incompetence in pronounciation. I also prefer Varanasi to Benaras for similar reasons.

Personal preference, I guess.

surya said...


Brahma Chellaney on India-Pak peace Process..

Santhosh said...

I'd been to Varanasi this Summer.
The saying, atleast in AP, was that, one should visit "kAsi" ( vAranAsi) ATLEAST once in one's lifetime.

Boy, I'd say visit kAsi ATMOST once.

Inspite of the tourist value and the historical significance , its such a mess. Even though, I was prepared for all this, I was still disappointed.

When my dad was offering prayer for our fore-fathers in the Ganga (at RajendraPrasad Ghat), a sack with a horrible pungent smell sprang up. :(
Nothing else to guess there.

You know what? The custom of bathing in Ganga, is that you are not allowed to use a soap. For the water is a cleansing agent by itself, as claimed.
I was real scared taking the three holy dips.

Seriously, the govt. there sucks wrt maintaining temples. As a matter of fact,(bhadrakAli) temple in my home tome is more grandiose and well kept.

I was looking forward to a religious feeling, the kind of charged environment you get as you enter sanctum sanctorium in Triupati,AP. Ended up being more than disappointed.

All along, we were looking forward to a quick exit from kAsi. So I'd recommend you to better watch a guided tour or just let "kAsi" be frozen in your kind imaginations. If you visit with high expectations, you'll lose it.

Anyways, we're glad that we finished some "must-visit-temples" syllabus.

kiran said...

here is another psec cartel in the making- this time on indian economy.
ashish at
atanu dey at
affiliated to these are several stalwart jnu-wallahs like amit varma(india uncut) etc.

here he beats macaulay-torch-bearer jerry rao, ceo of mphasis, by comparing ancient indian achievements to broken clock.

we need to be more active on the net and seconding rajeev or passive reading on this blog is not a solution. internet is providing us the oppurtunity to tame the marxist, missionary straglehold on our education and minds.
my experience on several occasions has been that when i google on some topic and look for a hindu viewpoint, i invariably run into articles by the same set of people - rajeev, varsha, sitaram goel, tavleen singh. there is just not enough material put forward to articulate the hindu viewpoint. few good initiatives have been hijacked by calculated assaults by the hyperactive marxists or whimpered due to lack of sustained effort.
the renaissance needs intellectual inputs. much as marxism is flawed, it has survived in india because of its ideological appeal to masses. also, no cultural revolution can be sustained without the strength of intellectual thought. thanks to the whistleblowers, quite a few among us have understood the naunces of the game. time for us to contribute in our own way.

kiran said...

and rajeev, you can do better than asking your readers to click on some senseless ads.

Dric said...

Hey Kiran,

You may have to perhaps check out this on Deesha before branding Atanu as psec:

I think Atanu does a great job in explaining issues in a simple and lucid manner.


satish said...

Hello Santhosh,
Seems like the UP government loots temples and funds madrassas. That explains the sad state of Kashi.

Sometime ago, I posted about how rediff psecs censor postings. I was suggested to use a secular name. I tried that too but it doesnt work, my email id gives it away. Think I will make a secular emailId and post ;)

Anonymous said...

Not secular, Satish. Muslim or Christian id. Muslims and Christians are the exact opposite of secular. They are the most unsecular, intolerant people.

nizhal yoddha said...

yes it would be a good idea for me not to go to tibet while it's under occupation by the chinese. maybe i'll use a pseudonym

nizhal yoddha said...


you can start by doing some writing yourself. but let me not understate the difficulty of getting things published. the media is very anti-hindu.

as for clicking on google ads for me, it's capitalism in action. i spend my time on this blog, and it's only fair that i be compensated to some extent. i could write articles or something else and get paid for it using the time that i spend on this blog. so i experience opportunity cost by doing the blog. if you find the blog useful then you should be prepared to 'pay' for it by spending the ten seconds to click on an ad.

Kalyani said...

You should not postpone your visit to Kailash-Manasarovar and other places.In fact include Vashista Guha too when you visit Hrishikesh.

What better protection than Lord Shiva's Name and His Vibhuthi do you need!

Kalyani said...

Sorry a correction--Vasishtha Guha.

satish said...

LOLz. Anon, thats what I meant when I said I will use a secular name ;). A Muslim name. Secular brings up images of Muslims stacking swords in mosques, and running down the street killing people. For me secular = muslim. I am not secular. Somehow I feel Christians are better than Muslims, because, they convert by bribe, not by killing. And they dont fill as much hate as Muslims do in converts.

Kalyani said...

Hi Rajeev,

Kailash Manasarovar is the abode of Lord Shiva; Thiruvannamalai is the very Lord Shiva Himself!(In the form of the Holy Hill).

Please do go to Thiruvannamalai too.

KapiDhwaja said...

Hey, you can't miss Chidambaram in the process. It is simply magnificent, especially when the big bells chime during the "Arathi" for Lord Shiva.