Wednesday, September 28, 2005

reminds one of mitrokhin: 'planted' news story?

sep 27

the mitrokhin archives detail how 10 newspapers in india were on the payroll of the kgb, and how thousands of stories were planted in them. alas, mitrokhin didn't name them.

here's an interesting story. do you think it was planted?

here's the rebuttal.

clues for planted stories:
a) generally paints india in a bad light
b) promotes certain individuals known to be or suspected to be on foreign payrolls
c) vagueness about attribution of 'insights'


Chamed Ahlabi said...

Viva la CHindu !!

My dad reads it religiously every morning. And politically, he is to the right of the most hardcore RSS members..

Dric said...

Hi Rajeev ,

What do you think about this article by B.Raman ,dismissing the Mitrokhin archives.

Even if the Mitrokhin archives are dubious, the present Cong and left govt in power have the responsibility to issue a clarification on that matter.

Randhir said...

Mitrokhin's India related pages:

Pg 1
Pg 2
Pg 3
Pg 4
Pg 5
Pg 6
Pg 7
Pg 8
Pg 9
Pg 10
Pg 11
Pg 12
Pg 13
Pg 14
Pg 15
Pg 16
Appx 1
Appx 2
Appx 3
Appx 4

satish said...

If Iran wants to strike off the deal, let them do so, Forbes report notwithstanding. They cannot be trusted anyway. Have they ever supported India on Kashmir in International forums. They are involved in terrorism in Israel. The only Islamic country to do so is(or was) Iraq. I read some news a few months ago, about gas finds in Krishna Godavari basin, and even Rajasthan. Wonder if it is true, and how much of it can be extracted. Let us really put money into research of alternate energy sources, rather than pay Iran for hydrocarbons, half of which will be stolen by Paki thieves. We are investing in civilian nuclear techs. I believe, in some years, as oil supplies dry up, we will have more vehicles running on CNG, fuel cell technologies will improve, better ways to harness solar and wind power can be devised. Because alternate sources today are costly, not much research is done, or adoption is not much. Once oil dries up, the alternate sources might become cheaper. Let us not miss the race this time, and later on buy alternate energy techs at a higher cost from others.

Use of hydrogen for fuel is not possible as of today because of its explosive nature. Is it possible to blend it with CNG, like ethanol and petrol. We might extend our gas supplies by more than 20 years that way. (assuming we have 100 + years of gas supplies under the Indian lands)

Shankar said...

'Hindu' journos would still be getting funds from communist countries to tarnish India or the KGB fund they received over the years is sufficient for many years to come. CPM alone has 4000 crores worth of assets in Kerala (maybe next to the Church loot!)

S said...

The issue about 'hindu' journos is bit misunderstood, basically hindus in private, they earn a living by these funds. Ordinary people gets through nepotism, if they succumb to these idiots. WHile an individual is tentative, the junta files reports collectively. The privately hindus search reason in it, they consolate and lower the pitch sometimes. The setelvad's are the mafia hit men, some like them start the stories.

S said...

To add to my above comment, I would add factor d) to identify the planted stories :- The imact, a fake and rather irrelevant story in the conetxt being discussed all around ! The secular stories are all in this category.

san said...

Times of India and other left-wing newspapers are also reporting the LNG-deal cancellation as fact. Hopefully the Forbes article is true and the leftists are rumour-mongering.

Kalyani said...

nizhal yoddha said...

thank you, randhir, for posting the mitrokhin pages. now anyone can go there and read them themselves, instead of speculating.