Friday, September 23, 2005

economist: world's #1 business school run by catholic fanatics!

sept 23

this is truly intriguing. opus dei is a shadowy organization (like jesuits but more secretive) that the godmen in the vatican use as their storm troops.

and *they* run a top business school! no wonder the conversion blitzkriegs are so meticulously planned.

if you remember i had commented some time ago that the vatican is the world's oldest, largest, and most profitable multinational company. also the most ruthless. microsoft, eat your heart out. i said this in the context of the saint jamborees being truly outstanding marketing events creating much value out of nothing, sort of as my old southern friend of the picturesque speech used to say, "perfuming the pig".

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Anonymous said...

Opus Dei is the terrorist arm of Vatican. Details on this Nazi cell is even mentioned in Dan Brown's 'Da-Vinci code'. Opus Dei has numerous units in India with some of the Cardinals as their Indian Dons. New recruits are given sufficient training in 'semen-aries' to 'handle' kids in orphanages/missionary schools and also in 'dealing' with nuns before they infiltrate into different areas as journalists, politicians and even national commission members.