Sunday, September 18, 2005

rahul ji query and kgb/mitrakhin report and subhash kak

sept 18th

rahul ji was of course born to be prime minister. 25 or 45, makes no difference.

i don't want midnight knocks on my door when i am in india, so i shall make no further comments. it's safer to bash bush and co than the dynasty in india.

yes, fortunately subhash kak and family are quite safe from hurricane katrina aftereffects.

the mitrakhin report should not amaze anybody. it is abundantly clear that everyone in india is on the take. selling the country to foreigners is a long and honored occupation among the jaichands and mir jafars who haunt delhi. i tend to believe the report is correct in essence.

what is more worrisome is not what happened in the 1970s but what's happening now, *today* as the chinese, the vatican, the baptists, and saudi arabia have bought up large sections of india's 'leaders'.

i am also watching the manmohan singh-musharraf circus in washington dc. why is anyone surprised that musharraf is doing what he always does? he wants india to give kashmir to him, period. he isn't going to stop terrorism or proliferation or any of his other games. the reason is that there is no pain, and plenty of gain, for him in his mischief. to make him stop, he must be provided with salutary *pain*. i have heard some ideas from various pak-watchers for doing this, and these would be cheap, effective, highly painful for musharraf (and all his pals in the ISI), and would discourage him from more mischief. if we did any one of them, he'd strut around a lot less. tinpot dictators have their weak points; we simply have to apply pressure there. of course, i am not going to post these ideas on a public forum like this.

the sad part is, musharraf knows, and we know, that the indian politician is so corrupt he'd never do these things. he can be bought off quite easily, every last one of them. and for probably very little money, as well.


Anonymous said...

As I posted below, I would take all this KGB stuff with a large grain of salt.

Whatever their flaws, Mrs. Gandhi, Nehru, VK Menon, AP Bardhan, etc. acted in what they believed were the best interests of India -- not becuaes they were getting money from some foreign power. Their policies may have been misguided and caused hundreds of millions untold misery, but, alas, they thought they were doing right.

blackpanther said...

Very interesting to note the vastly different tone on this topic by two leading papers in ELM.,~CPI;~seemed~like~India~was~for~sale%E2%80%99,0008.htm?headline=Indira%E2%80%99s~foreign~hand~was~the~KGB
Obviously things havent changed much.

Anonymous said...

Anon1 displays touching faith. However, these people he names were morally corrupt. Especially Nehru, who encouraged a cult around himself and paved the way for the widespread corruption by turning a blind eye to it. Apart from the CPM, most people during the Freedom Struggle were idealistic. During Nehru's 17 years as prime minister, he managed to turn this idealism into naked corruption. Maybe Nehru didn't take money himself, but everyone around him did. There are the seven deadly sins: Nehru's sin was pride. He did everything he could to keep his rivals down (eg. conspire with the Soviets to keep Subhas Chandra Bose in jail until he died, according to some new research).

san said...

Anonymous, is Indira Gandhi supposed to be forgiven for suspending parliamentary democracy in 1977 because "she thought she was doing right"? Oh gee, well, I guess Osama Bin Laden should also be forgiven, since he also thinks he's "doing right". I could care less how strongly such people believe in their righteousness -- righteous idiots are more abundant than lemmings streaming off a cliff, or moths diving into flames. All of these Personality Cult artists - Nehru, Indira, Rajiv - felt the world should revolve around them and their family soap opera, and the country only suffered for it. The choice of blind idol-worship over normal, rational scrutiny of leaders is only driven by a culture of greedy, corrupt cronyism.

san said...

Here's a piece by K Subrahmanyam:

It's about that latest Iran controversy, Musharraf's behavior and the US-India "partnership".

As mentioned before, the Atlanticists who have come to infest the US bureaucracy over the past half-century aren't going to spontaneously disappear anytime soon. To them, we might as well be Sidney Poitier in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" The inertia of the US establishment and associated special interest lobbies infesting it is going to resist any trajectory changes by the US towards new international relationships, regardless of 9/11 or the rise of China.

Likewise, as we see from the Bush admin's "mission accomplished" in Iraq to their bungled response to Katrina, the Whitehouse team are often staring dreamily at the goal-posts while the ball is being snatched from their control.

Indians cannot just sit passively and placidly expecting things to just swing our way, or various machiavellian opportunists will be happy to launch their hit-and-run sabotage attacks unrestrained. Indian conservatives need to reach out and engage the Jacksonian conservatives and New American Centurists to sustain momentum and counter the malcontents, otherwise the resistance will seize the initiative and conspire to keep the situation on the boil, Baghdad-style.

I don't feel it's in India's interests to oppose regime-change in Iran, as long as there is a credible plan to do it in a timely way, rather than in a long drawn-out excruciating manner. Regime-change in Iran is in India's interest, because it deprives Pakistan of its card of being the only avenue for the US into Central Asia. If a US-friendly regime were restored to Iran in place of the fulminating mullah-ocracy, then the US would not be so dependent on Pakistan and having to toe its line. I would even make the argument that this is why the US should shift its position in support of India's claim to POK, since it would create yet another border route into strategic Central Asia, besides cutting off the Chinese landbridge to the Persian Gulf.

surya said...


If that report about KGB buying Indira true...

then it is common sense to think that our Communists who are at the helm now selling all the Internal Secrests to China....

wat say?

Kalyani said...

One more report that makes me wince-"Indian doctors to mend the hearts of 70 pakis"! So that they can meticulously plan and execute more destruction in the future? Why this suicidal tendency to genuflect before our predators and parasites? This 'noorism'or cowardice is cloaked as "humanitarian compassion"(sic).

That Rice had the audacity to ask us to barter away our territories for the chimerical "peace", says our country is considered a pushover,(as always) and the poltroons in 'high places' do their best to remain so. Play more cricket, croak mushairas, mend their hearts and for God's sake PERISH, leaving the country to be governed by Shivajilike people.

Where do I seek solace?Perhaps in the "desolation of a Prophet" as Rajeev had mentioned once.

Anonymous said...

I'm all too painfully aware of the harm of that the Nehru Dynasty inflicted on India.

I'm also aware that politicians of all stripes have become enormously wealthy feeding at the trough at the expense of the common man.

I don't believe that this avarice and foolhardy policies were the result of bribes from the USSR.

Industries were nationalized, not because of suitcases of money from the KGB, but because foolish LSE trained Fabian socialists thought it was the thing to do and greedy bureacrats and ministers saw nationalization as the road to riches.

It is one thing to say that the leaders of a country are corrupt and vain. It is another to say that they are puppets of a foreign government.

infww said...


You beat me to it. :-) The first thought that came to my mind is that Osama bin Laden thinks he is doing right too.

However, I don't think that CPI, Nehru, Indira, and others took wrong decisions in a sincere way. They would have realized that they were handling money even though they had banned most Indians from doing so. They were clearly cheats.

Anonymous said...

The petty activists and workers in the socialist and communist party might have been foolish, many of their leaders were certainly not. My question is to the one who claims here that they were not 'puppets of a foreign government'. What is his definition of the term? If the prime minister of a country plays ball with a foreign woman (like Nehru allegedly did with lady M) and goes on thinking that he is patriotic...and if people believe there a cure for such a person and his fans and the unfortunate nation who gets ruled by him/them?

surya said... someone pointed is pathetic to see Our Hospitals going that extra mile to treat heart patients from Paki land.

Especially Bangalore. You look at that bloody TOI and they publish interviews with those Pakis who come to Bangalore for treatment.

Why this love for those Pakis?? Arent there many poor in India who suffer from lack of Medicial facilities?? why cant our govt and those so called "great docs" serve Indians first? I think this is too much to ask...

Huhh....let them treat whoever they want....but why so much noise abt treating Pakis?? Are our News Papers bereft of any news?? they publish I/v s with those Paki kids etc...and give celeb status to those docs....what the heck????

Sensationlising these trivias and they forget many crucial things which happen around the country....

satish said...

I digress, but look at this headline on rediff.

My reply:(my replies mostly never gets published on rediff)
Hey Umer, do you have your brains in the right place, or do you have any at all LOL. When you say include kashmiris, who do you mean. Do you include Hindu kashmiris, who have been there long before you chose to betray us. Who represents kashmiris. Do we talk to each one of million kashmiris. Anyone can gather a group of 1000 kashmiris and say we represent kashmir. then what about the elected representatives who have got lakhs of votes. dont they represent kashmiris. why dont you fight the elections and prove that you represent kashmiris.

S said...

You are not alone whose messages don't get published in rediff ! Mine never does ! WHile I would like to understand why they ban some messages, there are too many in rediff who have been taught by Thappar mata ( WHo begged her masters and went to USA after BJP threw her out. Now they are all back )

Anonymous said...

This was my letter to rediff after they refused to publish a lot of my letters. They published this one.

Rediff's censors who do the low-level job of choosing the responses are all Marxists or pseudo-secularists or Christians or all of the above. The secret to getting letters printed there is use a Muslim or Christian name. If you do, even if you say the most stupid things, they will publish it. I have tried this as an experiment and it works.

This is true of all English media in India.

I am surprised they published this stinging letter of mine.

Subject: Good policy, boys!

Yes, only post secular responses, especially absurd rants by semi-literate people. I have noticed this is standard for Rediff's editors who censor the responses. Thank you for showing yourselves to be good secular fundies like me. We know how to be good fascists, don't we? We would also like to say 'off with their heads' about the people whose opinions we don't agree with, don't we? It is such a pleasure to find censors whose agree so much with me. I am tempted to send you some big black markers so you can have fun with blacking out text.

Posted by secular fundie on 24-AUG-05

san said...

Here's an interesting one:

Indian Muslims seeking Malay status. I guess the flabby Indian identity is no match for the muscular benefits of preferential quotas. What, no benefits for the minorities in that country?

historian said...

Nehru's affair was not with Lady M, but with Mountbatten himself. Stanley Wolpert has written a wonderful book detailing Nehru's homosexual nature. Mountbatten was also known to be a homosexual.

If you look at the common claims made about the alleged affair Nehru had with his wife, you will realize that they are dubious. The claim is that Mountbatten allowed his wife to have an affair with Nehru in order to get concessions from him. (1) No man will allow his wife to have an affair with another man. and (2) It was Mountbatten who was in a position of power and did not need to manipulate Nehru. It is clear that Mountbatten and Nehru were lovers.

See a description about this at
where you can find a synopsis of Stanley Wolpert's book.

nizhal yoddha said...

i interviewed stanley wolpert in 1997 (i think) when the book came out. here's the interview from rediff.

nizhal yoddha said...


i was quoting ov vijayan from 'the path of the prophet' re. desolation.

sujan singh says "i will go to the desolation of my prophet".

in malayalam, pravachakante vijanata. which could be translated as 'solitude' but i felt 'desolation' was the better, more appropriate word.

satish said...

Hi S and Secular fundie, thanks. I will try it out and put the results here. By the way, I heard Thapar mata studied in UK, and had her project report on how Indian history is "mythology". (This after the secular ASI actually found proof of the existence of Saraswati river and Dwarka, and many other historical facts of India.)
Matajee must have been a below average student who wanted to complete her degree at all costs. What better than write fiction and support Macaulay. No Brit prof is going to come down to India and investigate, or contact ASI.

Anonymous said...

To inflict pain on Pakistan, you first need to move India's capital out of Delhi and its Punjabi-centric 'roses in Lahore' defeatist mindset.


Anonymous said...

Very well said. Enough of the pappi-jappi common-culture bullshit. Time to use the Wagah candles to set Pak on fire.