Sunday, September 25, 2005

non-proliferation fundie warns US about india's designs

sept 24

this is the kind of head-up-their-butt analysis the atlanticist non-proliferation ayatollahs (what is the female version of an ayatollah? maybe robin raphel or shabana azmi?) in the us will be bombarding the US congress with, to convince it that india, not china, is the real threat to the us. some of these 'analysts' are surely being sustained by chinese funding.

"china is a distant strategic threat to india" claims this bimbo. and poor china, which has capped its fissile materials, is being forced into an arms-race by india and may be forced to stockpile new fissile materials!

i once saw the tarkovsky movie "solaris", which details a bizarre sentient planet which plays mind games with the people on a spacecraft orbiting it, for instance sending strange beings manufactured from people's memories into the spacecract. one guy finds his dead wife, who committed suicide, suddenly appearing on board.

this article reminds me of that situation: this bimbo and others like her are playing mind-games based on a manufactured reality.

the reality is that it is *china* that is threatening to send nukes to the us, from its 17,000 foot launch pad, that is colonized tibet. to which it is rapidly building a railway line, on which it will be able to hide its missile launchers.

as for the wonders of economic cooperation between india and china, in plain fact, all china-india trade is of the following type: india sells its raw materials cheap to china, which value adds them and sells them back to india, or uses them in its military buildup. not exactly a shining example of a win-win situation. but the indian pols on the chinese payroll (there is someone who wants to get hydrocarbons to india for china's benefit!) make big money on these transactions.


indianpatriot said...

Rajeev I read with interest Arvind's article (Where he believes Iran is a terrorist state). Also I read San's postings indicating his delight that India sided with US against Iran(My guess is he is a christian who does not like stong nationalistic views expressed by many posters here. Proably he would be happy if India also turns christian since Europe is abandoning this faith in droves and soon may be America once this Bush bluster gets called in Iraq).
Now I look at the issue this way.
Here is the situation. Now India had sided with US against Iran against its national interests(Wahabi Evangelical alliance in the form of Soudi Arabia with Pakistan terrorists as henchmen for the alliance). India could always rely on Iranian oil. Iran was against India in both 1965 and 1971 war but have since turned against that mentality. They were really frightened when Taliban took over Afghanistan with Soudi money, Pakistani foot soliders and American backing. Iran had promised bases to India in case of another Indo Pak war negotiated during the times of NDA govt.

2) Shias in southern Iraq revolting against British troups. Soon Tony blair may ask his troops to pack their bags to london leaving his master George W to handle an unpopular war which may turn bloodier than vietnam( Terrorist attacks in US most likely by Wahabi Sunnis and their allies Osama, Islamic International front with LET as partner).

3) If Islam needs reformation, I think it has to come from within. If a strong Shia Iran challenges Soudi Arabia and formets trouble in Baloochistan and if US retreats , I think India as the strongest power in Indian Occean region would be at advantage.
These are my personal views.

satish said...

Surprisingly, the only Islamic country that has supported India on Kashmir in intl forums and wars against Pakistan is Iraq! None of the so called liberal Islamic countries like Malaysia and Turkey. That also leaves Iran out. The previous Iran government was moderate and we could have done business with them, but we cannot trust the new radical government in Iran.
BTW, san seems pretty level-headed, and not a christian fundie.