Wednesday, September 28, 2005

nytimes: india moves up in league of competitive nations; china falls

sep 28th

india is getting to be flavor of the month in all sorts of unexpected places. given all the fuss made over china one would think it's just leaving india in the dust. not quite, apparently. india's 50th, china is 49th in the world according to the world economic forum, in competitiveness.


KapiDhwaja said...

Something interesting. US Navy's electronic warfare attack unit is named GARUDAS.


san said...

You'd better read this one:

Korean Paraplegic Walks After Stem Cell Treatment

The doctors used stem cells taken from umbilical cords. As you know, these are very similar to embryonic stem cells, having powerful regenerative capacity, but less controversial in their source.

India needs to keep on top of this stuff, especially with the burgeoning healthcare market, so that we can become the cheapest spinal healers in the world.

san said...

An article on the proposal for an EAC - basically an Asian equivalent of the European Community:

Would India be included in such a community? If China can, and if Australia & New Zealand can, then why not India?