Tuesday, September 27, 2005

'everything hindu is of the devil' -- converted christist woman in bangalore

sep 27th

i was doing an idle google search for 'chants of shiva' and came upon this article.


interesting comment by christist woman in bangalore, mother of one nelson. and such people are tolerated in india!

turnabout is fair play: would it be fair to retort in the same manner about christism?


santhosh said...

If people who lynch others on the suspicion of slaughtering a cow can be tolerated in our society, this statement ( again note, only a statement, though in poor taste) can certainly be.
Why not a word of appreciation for the good 'Christist' Nelson in this article and his appreciation for 'Gayathri'?

Anonymous said...

You ought to be ashamed of your religion, but Christism = hyopcrisy.

Tolerate this, Santhosh the Christist.

Large numbers of Christist priests are pedophiles and child rapists on a large scale. Many Christist popes were murderers and large-scale sexual predators and perverts. Christists murdered 30 million Indians through starvation in the 19th century. Christists committed genocide and murder of at least 200 million people worldwide through their jihads. Christism's so-called originator Jesus was most likely a hoax who never existed. Christism's principal propagandist Paul the apostle was Saul the criminal (and murderer?) before he 'saw the light'.

Maybe Christism is a very clever invention of the Devil?

Let us have a word of appreciation and applause for the good Christist the Devil for his cleverness.

Anonymous said...

I truly appreciate the christian guy who has learnt to look beyond church-programmed version of his religion. Unlike his mother.
Santosh: No, I dont want to tolerate those who lynch other people for a cow. But just because i am ashamed of that, doesnt take away my right to criticize this woman who blindly hates my religion.

Anonymous said...

Christians think humans are superior to cows. They think cows are steaks on legs.

Best solution to this is to think of Christians as steaks on legs too. Kill and eat a Christian today!

Santhosh Christian is very clever. He does not admit that the Christian woman is wrong. He only claims that Hindus must tolerate her. Are you closely related to your God the Devil, Santhosh?

Christian = Devil worshipper.

Anonymous said...


The thread is about the mindset of seemingly moderate christians. Look at the mindset of Mr. Moses's mother, who in one sweeping statement condemns an entire civilization, which are her very roots, which sustains the "secularism" and "pluralism" of India. With such mindsets where will there be peace and harmonious co-existence!

Niketan said...

Wonder what would have happened to Nelsons mother if she said something similar about Islam in an Islamic country. A non-muslim and a woman saying something offensive about Islam !! I can only guess it would have been stoning or some such terrible punishment.

Anti-Fascist said...

Sons and daughters of Kerala has yet again delivered a strong message to right-wing forces that Kerala wont stand and give connivance to any alliance that is anti-socialist, anti-development in nature.
My hearty congragulations to people in Kerala for the "Ujwala Vijayam". All 5 corporations have gone LDF's way along with majority of muncipalities, block and grama panchayaths.
BJP decent showing in some areas can be attributed to the alliance with UDF. If not for the meagre votes of right wing BJP UDF would have been totally annhillated. BJP succeeded in one muncipality due to the UDF alliance. This is the only success that the alliance has in Kerala. But media is giving overhype to the result in palakkad muncipality. First of all BJP do not have majority there. It has just 17 seats against a total of 50 seats while LDF-DIC(K) also has 17 seats (16+1). Second of all palakkad districk has 4 muncipalities. In these muncipalities BJP just got 0/26,1/30,,3/33. So if anyone claiming palakkad is lost to fascist forces are dreaming in a fools paradise.
The marginal improvement of BJP is the result of the face saving option/deal offered by BJP to UDF. If not for the tacit understanding BJP would have come worse off.
The resurgance of IUML is a bad development. If not for IUML and Mani group UDF would have ben totally wiped off.
It is clear that:
UDF:Christians + Muslims+ Caste Hindus, victories in pala/malappuram
LDF: Backward Communities: Ezhavas,Tribals,SC/ST,liberal and forward christians,muslims and liberal caste Hindus.
BJP: Fringe right-wing caste hindus...not crucial as majority of Ezhavas have reaffirmed the faith in LDF which is a beautiful sign. All talk of Hindu unity to create communal votes goes down the drain.
The DIC(K) alliance could have been avoided but it is definitely better than the anti-people alliance of UDF-BJP.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, Fascist, this is what happened. It is a stinging defeat for the Christian-dominated Congress. Especially with the KM Mani-Oommen Chandy regime, it had become unbearable. They were looting the state for the benefit of Christian interests. So this is a big kick in the ass for Christians.

As for the LDF, a major reason they did well is cyclical. In every election, Kerala people (in a conditioned reflex) throws out the current set of unbearable rascals and brings in the other set. This means that after four-five years of Christian rule, the state is now ready for Marxist rule. After another five years, the Christians will come back again. (Actually I hope not. They are total fascists.)

Also, in the last Lok Sabha elections, the LDF won 19 out of 20 seats. Compared to that, this is not such a big win for them. The traditional Christian strongholds of the Congress are still in their hands.

Obvious prediction: in the next Assembly elections in a few months, the LDF will wipe out the Congress. We all know that. Not much different from each other. One set of anti-national fascists replacing another, Marxists replacing Christians.

The real surprise is the showing of the BJP. The fact that they have gained a few seats here and there means that Hindu consolidation is beginning to happen. The Ezhavas and Nairs are beginning to give up their traditional animosity towards each other as they see their real enemies are the Christians and Muslims. Their votes are beginning to migrate to the BJP. This is great news. The oppressed Hindus of Kerala are beginning to finally understand that their salvation lies in rejecting the Christians, the Muslims and the Marxists, all traitors funded by foreign elements.

nirnaami said...

This santhosh is overclever,talking through his other extremity very often!

Shankar said...

Mother of Nelson is just ignorant and intolerant like any other fascist caste-christists (eg santhosh).
In-order to cover-up for their complexes, they have to be like a jehadi. Best examples are the Kerala variety you see abroad - bad-mouthing hindus,India, hinduism, saints and castes after following rigid casteism among their various sects.

Shankar said...

Kerala civic election results:-

Finally Kerala hindus are awakening to the realities of Christist-Islamic terrorism which has been rising with Oomen Chandy's rule (also benefitting his son-in-law's Muthoot group).

BJP has doubled its tally and in many wards (majority of wards in TVPM), their candidates fared far better than the Christian-dominated Congress! The x-ian dominated congress back-stabbed Karunakaran (hindu rep) and now they're feeling the well- deserved pain. Hindus listened to SNDP & NSS leaders and voted logically. Even in Karunakaran's panchayat a Ayyappa Seva member defeated the candidate from his party!

The results also expose the shrewedness of certain jihadi catholic bishops. They asked their community to support the LDF, basically to confuse the Hindus. But the Election results clearly show their support to UDF especially in x-ian and muslim dominated areas.

Clearly BJP and Karu congress have emerged as dominant forces now. This is important to crush the Christist-Islamic militancy which has spread to all socio-economic-political areas. Oomen has already sold Kochi to the Arabs. maybe he would have got a fair deal and invested in Manorama and muthoot. After all his own ancestors have invited looters and sea-pirates like Francis xaviers to plunder our country.

With Oomen as CM candidate in the next election, Congress will be wiped off. Probably UDF may change their CM candidate to a Hindu mask like Ramesh (supported by the evil christist Dubai Thomson group)

Anonymous said...

dear santhosh

There are billions of people who worship a crucified dead-man. What kinda worship is that?
Have some tolerance, at least.


"About ten million Dalit Christians of India feel cheated by the church that converted them to Christianity with the assurance that they would be given equal rights and status in the community.

Benjamin quotes some interesting statistics: A study of all the landed properties of churches in India put together shows that the church is the second biggest landlord in the country, next only to the Government. In addition, the Church institutions and Church or Christians-led NGOs receive foreign financial support amounting to over Rs. 2500 crores per year. There is no transparency with regard to these funds as well as the massive income accruing from the elite schools, colleges and hospitals and also shopping complexes built all over the major cities in the country. The poor Dalit Christian does not even get the crumbs, leave alone participation in Church matters. There seems to be a vested interest in keeping the Dalit Christians where they are to maintain the status quo in the church."

santhosh said...

Very predictable responses, (esp posts 2 and 4) from a bunch of anonymous yellow bellies, with about enough brain grey matter to believe their own propaganda.
You pass these sweeping generalisations about the sexual perversions of certain 'christists', but seem to ignore the filth you (hindist, I presume) so blighthly wallow in.
Ever occured to you that habitual incest may be one of your hallowed traditions?
That Sai Baba,(god-man?)is nothing but a homosexual pervert whose favourite was a certain German dude (might have something to do his 'german efficiency', or in keeping with his caste sensibilities, just prefers a white ass to a native brown one)
Heard about certain swamis who have scaled the pinnacle of medicine in the field of infertility treatment, by sleeping with their ('infertile') female 'devotees'?
Has it ever occured to you that there might be something a bit out of place, when you worship a million 'gods' or deities,that are nothing but mutant creations that emanated from the minds of rishis in a bhang-induced state of delirium?
Lets talk steak. Ever tried real beef steak? Its delicious!. Of course how would you know,because the only steaks you have tried are that of your co-religionists (dalits), who by the way are considered by you as inferior to cows. And if you have any doubt, I damn well think HUMANS are superior to COWS!!.
Hope this has been of some educational value for you (posts 2 & 4)

Kalyani said...

This santosh does have a forked tongue.He 'laments'about the "pathetic condition" of Kaasi elsewhere and screeches a different tune here.(read his responses to "Happy Onam" Sep 13!).

He sounds like some bishop there!
He needs help.

KapiDhwaja said...

I think they are two different santhosh's. If you take your mouse cuursor over their ID's you will see they are different. But then again, I could be wrong.

Kalyani said...

My apologies to the real Santhosh!My ire is towards the other one.

Anonymous said...

Santhosh the Devil Worshipper gets upset!

Let's look at his hypocrisy. He claims he is not anonymous. But if you click on his id it goes to //rediff. So that makes you not anonymous? What a joke! He is the same Abraham who used to point his id to yahoo.

You can call me Mathew the ex-Devil Worshipper. I left the Devil church. I know what goes on the there.

Don't talk about Dalits, Devil Worshipper. I know how you Devils treat Dalit Christists. I also know how you Devils treat blacks, Jews, and so on. You treat them like dirt. You are definitely spawn of the Devil.

I liked someone's idea of killing and eating Christists. This is the best way to reduce your numbers.

Did you know that your Mother Teresa used to have sex with her white friends, male and female? No brown people were allowed into her holy holes, of course.

Your popes used to regularly have sex with their own children. Any available hole was good enough for them. Incest was their birthright.

I have eaten enough steak to know that eating you would not be much fun. I might get mad cow disease from eating you. You show symptoms like hallucinations and frothing at the mouth.

Mathew the ex-Devil Worshipper

Anonymous said...


Two consenting adults (irrespective of their gender) having sex shouldn't be a cause of concern to anyone, be it your padre or mulla or swami or rabbi or your witchdoctor.

The issue was those pedophile preist preying on the innocent kids while Vatican snoozed on the *CRIMINAL* issue.

PS: What is "immaculate conception" - did Mary have something to hide from Joseph? Or was sex a taboo?

Shankar said...


Let's ignore this cheap fascist 'santhosh' - a malayali american whose ancestors or(probably)parents had to take 'brown steaks' to get a US visa and now let him relish the 'white-steaks', 'black steaks','yellow chinki steaks'. Who knows he would be enjoying the weekly private 'confession' sessions in closed room with his priests too :-)

I dont understand Y he chose Rajeev's site to spit venom? Maybe he is jeolous of kerala hindus succeeding and wants to vomit the garbage taught by his parents and fanatic priests - racist flavor of 'white steak' is better than casteist flavored taste of 'brown steaks'!!

Anonymous said...

No need to respond to rants of brainless fool who most probabily is affected by the mad-cow disease from all the steak he's been munching on.

santhosh said...

Wow! A little dose of the truth and what do we have here.
A veritable babel of nonsense in the defence of an abominable philosophy that places the bovine species on a higher pedestal than their own co-religionists, where hypocracy is fiercely defended and justified, where prostitution is given religious sanction,and ultimately spawning a people fit only to be ruled.

Ever wondered why 'hindists' have been enslaved by others,treated as filth, and generally not taken seriously...?
What can one say for a creed rests on a bedrock of such polyglot mumbo- jumbo, where the only unifying thread is on how to subjugate your own people.

Octopus like, elephant headed gods??? 3000 castes???? A cow-herd god with a passion for women,plenty of women? Some libido....must be all the cow urine.

Seriously, who came up with such crap?

Seriously, how can someone possibly be 'jealous' of kerala hindus.

If hiduism is nothing but institutional racism, the what is it?? What the heck is there to be jealous about. Shankar and 'mad' Matt the what, you really need brain transplants....from a cow (a calf would more than just suffice.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A little dose of the truth about xitanity and what do we have here.

A veritable babel by Santosh with nonsense in the defence of an abominable philosophy that places the kid-fu(ing padre on a higher pedestal than their own co-religionists, where hypocracy is fiercely defended and justified, where kid-pedophilia is given religious sanction,and ultimately spawning a people fit only to be ruled by Vatican.

Ever wondered why 'christist' have been enslaved by others for centuries in Africa/America and all those colonies, or gased 6 million jews, treated as 'people of color' as filth, and generally not taken seriously...?
What can one say for a creed rests on a bedrock of such polyglot mumbo- jumbo, where the only unifying thread is on how to subjugate your own kids.

Octopus like, elephant headed gods??? 3000 castes???? A cow-herd god with a passion for women,plenty of women? Some libido....must be all the cow urine in other religions. But molesting kids, murdering and raping women, spreading hate against gays/lesbians, stealing land and subjugating original natives all form foundation of a cult called christianity.

Seriously, who can believe such crap? Only santosh.

Seriously, how can someone possibly be 'jealous' of kerala hindus. Only santosh.

If xitianity is nothing but institutional racism, the what is it?? What the heck is there to be proud about - only beef-eating santosh knows. Shankar and 'mad' Matt the what, you really need kudos for opening santosh's eyes....for saving the future generations of santosh from the pedophiles.


Kalyani said...

As the Tamizh proverb says "You can wake up someone who is asleep not one who pretends to be so".