Tuesday, September 13, 2005

[PINR] 14 September 2005: The Significance of Sino-Russian Military Exercises

sept 13

poor russians, they'll sell their mother to the devil these days. and they are in fact doing just that.

we have seen lately several good illustrations of the dictum of permanent interests but not permanent friends:

1. israel making cooing noises with musharraf
2. russia making eyes with china

meanwhile, india's 'leaders' seem congenitally incapable of understanding that
a) there's such a thing as india's national interests, and that doesn't mean china's or saudi arabia's or the vatican's interests
b) it is okay to discard allies like used condoms when they are no longer useful
c) india is no longer a banana republic for whom it's fine to run around playing footsie with minnows. as a major power it had better act like a major power, not be someone's patsy

we need chanakya, really badly.

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14 September 2005

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The Significance of Sino-Russian Military Exercises
Drafted By: Erich Marquardt, Yevgeny Bendersky

Between the dates of August 18-25, 2005, Russia and China participated in their first ever bilateral war games, dubbed Peace Mission 2005. The games were symbolic of the growing cooperation between the two powerful states. Since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, which led to an increasingly influential role for Washington in Central Asia, Moscow and Beijing have drawn together under the common interest of preventing further U.S. influence in the region.

Their mutual interest formed after a series of "colored revolutions" in the region; these revolutions weakened Russian influence in its near abroad and concerned China that an intensified U.S. role in Central Asia would lead to regional instability in an area that Beijing hopes to exploit for energy resources. For instance, China National Petroleum Corporation is expected to win a bid for the Canadian energy company PetroKazakhstan, which holds oil reserves in Kazakhstan and owns a major refinery there. [See: "Economic Brief: China's Energy Acquisitions"]


san said...

Apparently, Japanese politician Shinzo Abe may be the new up-and-comer for us to watch in Japan:


He is apparently a lot tougher on China than other Japanese officials to date have been. And if the Chinese are watching his rise closely, then perhaps we should too.

KapiDhwaja said...

San, that is a very welcome development indeed. Anybody who has the guts to take on chinese perfidy is welcome indeed. Hope this Shinzo Abe guy takes permanent residence in or around the Yasukuni shrine.

san said...

Musharraf claims that Pakistani women will go out of their way to get raped in order to claim refugee status abroad:


Presumably, this is why Musharraf trains his jihadis to become rapists -- to help internationalize the Kashmir issue by helping refugee claimants?

But seriously, why does the Western media give the business-suited general a cakewalk, when you can see the caveman showing under that suit, claiming women want to be raped?

If any Indian politician said as much, the NYT would be screeching from the rooftops!

KapiDhwaja said...

True. This is what happens when we portray ourselves as nice guys for over 50 years, and letting ourselves be the favorite whipping boy of all and sundry. Thanks to the first PM of India. Now the "dense" FM wants to desperately follow in his footsteps.

san said...

Just in case you think The Pioneer is a biased source, let's quote other sources including Pakistan's own newspapers:




I expect NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof to make further commentary on Musharraf's remarks.

Gee, why doesn't Teesta Selvaad show up at the Wagah border crossing to hold a candlelight vigil to encourage us to embrace this marvelous leader across the border? Then Shabana Azmi and Rani Mukherjee can attend another photo-op with the dear general, and coo over his manly observations about women.
Surely, the rest of us are just myopes compared to our elite glitterati and their keen sense of judgement.

san said...

While China's one-party govt is busy bringing microwave ovens and dishwashers to the masses, their one-child policy has encouraged so many abortions of females, that it may have a destabilizing impact on society:


So everytime the Nepalese Maoists scream at India and coo at China, we can always remind them of their likely future, with half of their population serving as comfort women for the yearning Chinese market. Same goes for Bhutan, Burma, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and CARs.

This might work out perfectly for General Musharraf, who claims that Pakistani women will go to extreme lengths such as courting rape, in order to get out of Pakistan. The 'liberal' Musharraf can then export concubines to China in exchange for cruise missiles. I'm sure our progressives won't care enough to bat an eyelid.

On the other hand, perhaps China will also become the leading manufacturer of inflatable blow-up dolls.

But seriously, the impact of China's demographic skewing, due to their wierd Orwellian socialist schemes and stunts, are going to have a spillover impact on their foreign relations with the rest of the world.

Dric said...


Did you watch Mush and B liar on CNN yesterday.And Mush did put uo the usual show of fighting against terrorism.And i am wondering what are the "Ritualistic Aspects" of Islam he was talking about?I thought rituals and idol worship were for Pagans and Heathens.He also called for change in Madrassa syllabus to keep up with changing times.But i felt he looked little uneasy,may be he finds it difficult to speak ridiculous lies!

san said...

Hah, I just read that NYT plans to shoot itself in the foot:


They want to make themselves mainly a subcription-only site. Uh, considering all the free alternatives out there, I'm guessing this will plunge their online circulation through the floor. They're only proving they worship the Almighty Buck more than their liberal protestor readership. How "progressive" of them.

san said...

Apple is now supporting VideoPodcasting through iTunes:


Even though there is no videopodcasting device in existence yet -- the regular iPod cannot support video playback) -- the iTunes software will allow you to play back such videos on your computer.

This then paves the way for the introduction of a Video iPod device in the future.

san said...

An amazing species of bug has been discovered in nature. The creature has been found to be thoroughly Left-Wing in its behavioral traits:


Possible names being considered for this bug are Parasitus Progressivus, Insectivus Pseudosecularis, or Teesta Selvad

Arjuna said...


That was a really nice thing you said. That rare bug is a virus carrier - far more deadlier than AIDS/HIV.

God save us.