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Re: nytimes: vatican admits a bunch of its priests are homosexuals

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On 9/23/05, Rajeev Srinivasan <> wrote:
sep 23

so godman ratzinger admits many of his priests are gay and takes steps to reduce the chances of them sodomizing little boys and the legal problems arising therefrom.

this is a bizarre report: if you read between the lines, the vatican does not approve of homosexuality theologically speaking, but acknowledges that a number of its priests are homosexuals, and blames this on the unnatural environment of male-only seminaries (or should that be 'semen'-aries?).

why not just come out and admit that forced celibacy in the company of men is unnatural? why not let your priests get married and have sex with women instead of tempting them to run after choir-boys? (not that that has helped the baptist sinners -- remember jimmy swaggart, the bakkes, and so forth, who have wives, getting caught with cheap prostitutes).

interesting indeed that mohammedans like boys too (the reward for martyrs is 72 female virgins, or if that is your preference, 28 young boys). so do christists, although they prefer their reward on earth rather than waiting for heaven -- all those tempting young altar-boys, you know. instant gratification in sodomy.

all this misogyny must have something to do with the 'holy land'. are all women in the west asia desert coyote-ugly? (sort of like all those muscular truck-driver soviet women used to scare the men off).

actually arab women are not bad looking.


Anonymous said...

Opus Dei is the terrorist arm of Vatican. Details on this Nazi cell is even mentioned in Dan Brown's 'Da-Vinci code'. Opus Dei has numerous units in India with some of the Cardinals as their Indian Dons. New recruits are given sufficient training in 'semen-aries' to 'handle' kids in orphanages/missionary schools and also in 'dealing' with nuns before they infiltrate into different areas as journalists, politicians and even national commission members.

Shankar said...

Hey Rajeev,

Did you know CBI is closing the Sr Abhaya murder case to save the catholic priest who raped and killed her in Kerala.
With a Christian CM, and RAW chief at center, all their priests will now get automatic license to rape, loot,sodomize or murder anyone without any law enforcement officials to reprimand. And if at all, law officials get hold of the paedophile frockling, well then, we have the usual India bashers - Kerala X-ians in US , John Dayals, Valson Thampus, Biju Mathews - shouting slogans on minority harassment, in front of all the embassies and UN along with their close buddies - Pakis and leftist jehadis in the universities. any doubts?

But when a NY-based mallu catholic priest started to bang the rear-ends of white skinned alter boys, there was no one to bark and froth in the mouth!! Why??

Anonymous said...

Listen to

Anonymous said...

atleast the church is putting forth a stand, albeit an erroneous one, on the issue of homosexuality. what is the stand on indians on it?, what is the stand of hindus on it?. is there a term to refer homosexuals in any of the Indian language, (the term should not be offending and not some 'made-up' literal translation of the anglo word)
The truth is this attitude of laughing and making fun of the catholic church wont help us in any way. the comments forum is particularly good at crying about the injustice done to hindus. putting forth conspiracy theories only wastes time and energy. Indians and hindus should think of correcting the ills in its own religion, not by laughing at others but by facing the issue head and dealing with it.indians and hindus should learn more to see reality as it is , and not in shades of black or white, like the damn republicans here in the US

Anonymous said...

Anony Abe,

Don't getting your pretzel twisted into a knot here. A good measure of Indians don't give a rat's a$$ (pardon the pun) about homosexuals or homsexuality.

Vatican and Church's been a laughing stock *because* of the various stands it's had on homosexuality -first passing those pervert pedophiles from parish to another and now "deforcking" them.

As far as laughing at other religions, Hindusim/India has been at the receiving end for long - a taste of your own medicine now and then might not be really all that bad, would it?

Anonymous said...

"actually arab women aren't bad looking".

You must mean the ones without mustaches.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what stand is the church putting forth on homosexuality? "We think homosexuality is against God, but we will defend to the death the right of our priests to bugger little boys, but we are now a little scared now that American courts are awarding large punitive damages to our victims, and so we will try to reduce the number of incidents of priests raping young boys put in their care. Not because we think there's any problem with it, after all we have swept this problem under the carpet for years, but the damned American courts are bankrupting our parishes, so we better do something about it".

This is no stand on homosexuality, Pope Benedict is just saving his butt, pun intended.

A lot like what happened to the Ku Klux Klan, which shaped up after its properties were attached and awarded to their black victims. Reform under legal pressure is no virtue.

Goes to show that the Vatican are no better than Nazis and the Klan.

nirnaami said...

Blasphemous jokes are spawned by blasphemous acts,right?One such joke:-

A peddler of churchianity was busy doing whatever is 'done'routinely and said the following in his cavernous voice to his victim:

holy bible is beneath thee,
holy father is upon thee,
holy water is flowing into thee,
skin to skin,there is no sin.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that the Nizhal Yoddha thinks that homosexuality is the cause of pedophilia among the Catholic priests. In an article criticising Fire didn't he concede that he appreciated "alternative lifestyles" because he lived in San Francisco and that ancient Indian murals portrayed homosexuality? Wasn't Lord Ayyappa born as a result of a rape of Lord Vishnu by Lord Shiva? When even the Gods have such tendencies why would mere human swamis be far behind?

Anonymous said...

"In an article criticising Fire didn't he concede that he appreciated "alternative lifestyles" because he lived in San Francisco and that ancient Indian murals portrayed homosexuality? "

Hey listen up. Read the whole post. Rajeev is not talking about anti-homosexuality here. He is talking about rape of young boys by priests. Mohemadans penchant for raping boys and paedophilia is well known. Come on, what do you expect from them when their mullahs/madrassas tell them that you will get 72 virgins or 28 boys if you wage jihad. Atleast, we are not hypocrites like jholawalas like you. We dont change our stand unless the reason is strong enough.

"Wasn't Lord Ayyappa born as a result of a rape of Lord Vishnu by Lord Shiva?" - Who told you this. Someone who believes that the whole human race has descended from Adam and Eve (howz that possible without incest). Or someone from the deserts of Arabia, where the Great Prophet (whatever these mullahs today distort about him, I respect Prophet) had to tell people that incest and paedophilia is wrong thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the campaign STAR NEWS is running to malign a Mahanta in Faridabad? They repeatedly described the issue as 'kids going to the temple and not wanting to get back home'. The fact was, There were 6 individuals, all of them 'grown up', who had chosen to stay in the temple and get more knowledge about 'Bhakti' from a Mahant.

For hours, the drama went on on the channel. Two of the six individuals courageously faced the volley of questions, emotional blackmail, and gave adequate answers. The Mahanta seemed a simple soul. I, for one, thought that STAR NEWS had an axe to grind, and were being venomous. A police raid was carried out on the temple campus. Apparently, nothing objectionalble was found. (The channel would have reported it every hour if so).

It seems to me that there is an all out effort to crush HINDU way of life and HINDU beliefs. I would like others' views on this issue.

Anonymous said...


If the Nizhal Yoddha had read the link, he would have noticed that the link between homosexuality and pedophilia exists in his erotic fantasy. Rather than reading between the lines, try reading the frigging lines first. According to Nizhal Yoddha, "admits many of his priests are gay and takes steps to reduce the chances of them sodomizing little boys and the legal problems arising therefrom". So now homosexual priests are also pedophiles. He further goes on to say "...and blames this on the unnatural environment of male-only seminaries". Now if Nizhal Yoddha wants to claim that "male-only environments" are "unnatural" that is his prerogative but there are many schools in India run by Hindu Organizations that are exclusively for "males". Since these are usually run by "celibate" Swamis, it only follows that such hanky-panky goes on there too and perhaps the Nizhal Yoddha acquired his Khaki-knicker fetish from such an institution.

As for the "love" of Gods, perhaps you should try reading up on your own "History" and "Culture"....At least in some religions such relations are condemned

san said...

Anonymous, it's not Rajeev who's making the association between pedophilia and homosexuality. While the Vatican is owing up to the presence of homosexuals within its ranks, it needs to own up to the far more dangerous presence of pedophiles in its ranks. As you say, the two are not one and the same. However, both groups in the priesthood are the result of the Vatican's sexually repressive policies, which exist for what end, nobody knows.
As for celibate Swamis, such celibacy is their personal choice, and not an an institutional imposition. Goodness knows there's no Hindu equivalent of the Vatican, thankfully. Actually, even the repressive Muslims have no equivalent of the Vatican, despite the continuous clamoring for one. The Vatican is just an outdated legacy of the Holy Roman Empire.

Kalyani said...

The 'converted' of India are honestly beyond redemption!Look at their predictable monochromatic respones!

That howler talking about Sri Ayyappa Swami's Birth gets the crown!In fact Jesus Christ had summed up so trenchantly these people's lot by saying "My children perish due to lack of knowledge"!

What is the meaning of the word "conversion"?We all know,the fairy Godmother of Cinderella converted a pumpkin into a coach but it got reconverted into the same pumpkin at midnight.Every other day, I convert tamarind,some spices,vegetables and lentils into Saambar.What do you convert PEOPLE into?Dr.Jekyll drank some toxic potion and got converted into Hyde and we know the end of the story.

Kalyani said...

The following is from

The recent cyclone in Andhra Pradesh, India has played havoc causing immense
loss of life and property. It has already resulted in the death of more than
people, several thousands injured and significant damage to property.

Apart from the immediate deaths and destruction, local people are also
about the long-term effects of the cyclone. It is estimated that millions of
people along the coastal regions could end up in dire poverty because of the
damage from the cyclone.

Even as they are trying to figure out the extent of the losses suffered,
people living in the plains, who until recently considered themselves immune
such calamities, are starting to wonder how they became victims of this
They are looking for reasons beyond those offered by the government and the
scientific community.

Many victims say that all these events are due to their losing the blessings
their Gods and inviting their wrath because of the sins they have committed.
Some have started to wonder if their conversion to Christianity could have
to their losing the grace of local deities, many of whom are considered to
guardians of the villages from precisely these kinds of calamities. They
that Christian missionaries required them to abuse Hindu Gods and village
deities as a pre-condition to receiving money for converting to
Christianity. An
old lady lamented in Telugu, *\"Dabbuki kakkurthi padi devullani tittamu;
emayyindo chudayya, tinadaniki ginjalu kooda levu, cheesina papalu oorikene
povu\"* (Out of greed we converted and abused our Gods; now look what has
happened, we are left without even food. We are taught a lesson for our sins
and crimes).

The sentiment appears to be prevalent across all the affected districts of
Andhra Pradesh and is particularly strong in temple towns such as Rajamundry
Bhadrachalam. In Eluru, which saw major destruction from the cyclone,
to Christianity are blaming each other for breaking the gigantic Hanuman
and inviting the wrath of the \"monkey God.\" The situation is not that much
different in Rama\'s temple town, Bhadrachalam. Many converts have thrown
chains with crosses and have started wearing chains with pendants of
\'Veeranjaneya,\' the form of Hanuman as a protector of good and destroyer

Local pastors and church leaders are worried about the effect of the cyclone
the resulting soul-searching engaged in by the villagers. They are worried
people may return to their native faith, Hinduism and nullify the millions
dollars and years of effort they have poured into evangelization activities
these villages. One pastor claimed that the community is so angry that not
one person may return to his church. He is keeping indoors as he is afraid
venturing into the village. Other sources indicate that the local pastors
turning to their church authorities for guidance in handling the situation.

A senior church member said that high level meetings are going on between
church members and their superiors in the USA regarding the cyclone relief.
strategy emerging from these meetings seems to be to target only so-called
\"un-reached\" regions and going for mass conversion using relief material
the bait. A church consultant based in US suggested that missionaries should
totally avoid regions with some church presence. He fears that in these
the converts would demand extra money as a fallout of cyclone and convert
to Hinduism or Islam if their demands are not met. He also suggested that
pastors should leave those regions immediately and flock to the
regions so as not to raise any suspicion among their communities. It seems
he is a strong proponent of \'No-extra-payments after conversion\' rule.

Similar incidents were visible in the aftermath of the tsunami in Tamil
People stopped going to churches after it was found that areas dominated by
Christian converts were the ones worst affected by the tsunami whereas water
just surrounded Hindu temples leaving the premises dry. During the tsunami,
Our Lady of Good Health church, the famous Catholic pilgrim centre in
turned into a burial ground. Subsequently people have abandoned this church
consider it as a cursed place as it was built over an existing temple.

The church\'s spin doctors are however working overtime to try and use the
tragedy to further the missionary agenda. Employing the same strategy that
used during the recent December tsunami, missionaries have been preaching to
locals that the cyclone struck because people did not convert to
Rev. Kim Hong-do of Seoul\'s Kumnan Methodist Church, the largest Methodist
church in Korea, gave a sermon on January 2 in which he said that the
victims of
December 26 earthquake and the ensuing tsunami that devastated much of South
Asia were killed because they didn\'t believe in Jesus.

Gameboys said...

Kalyani, you cannot fight bigotry with more bigotry. When will people realize that? Truth is, when there is such grinding poverty, people are always vulnerable to such manipulation. Even so, I think the poor are getting smarter than we tend to give them credit for.

It is also interesting to note all the Anonymous commenters on the form taking up grand postures. What courage!
-Nanda Kishore

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Nanda Kishore the "Courageous", why don't you go ahead and keep playing football or some other inane sports the marxists advocate in Bengal, and leave the rest of us alone here.

Kerala_my_land said...

all religions has to accept homosexuality as a legitimate way of life....all religions are persecuting this minority...including the comments by the right wing high class hindus like rajeev...nizhal yodhha...etc..
The church has a dubious record of sexual has Islam....but what about also has dubiuos record...i say all religions are anti woman...
Issues like swamis raping...and killing...which features in news,...i even saw a porn in which a swami was involved...and this later became a big issue in media and the ashram was raided...thus issue of anti woman and homosexuality also occurs in all religions...(now you will say this is a muslim-marxist-church conspiracy)
I dont understand rajeev and co...obsession details...
and if u care so much about women and children why dont you post a topic on gang-rape of women and children by ur brethren in Gujarat...aor is it that u condone those activities?........
heyy are u from kerala...there are a lot of posts about kerala here....i cant believe u belong to Kerala...Actually you dont not crap like you...

Anonymous said...

This porno watcher kerala my land sounds more like "karela my lund".

Kairali said...

it's people like you that makes kerala a crappy land.
should we remind you of the Inquisition terror/rape unleashed by your catholic brethren? what about the mental torture and forceful conversion of tribals by the missionary-nun terrorists? The whole forest of kerala is destroyed by planting crosses everywhere. instead of watching porns, get a life, loser.