Sunday, September 18, 2005

disruptive technologies

sept 18th

interesting paper on innovation and how to keep ahead of the curve. talks about how samsung and co have humbled sony and friends.

this is what i meant by sustaining innovation for the long run, else india's current lead will rapidly vanish.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another exampple of why you distrust what appears in mainstream journals, to wit,

America has experienced the longest unbroken economic expansion in its history, and the United Kingdom has achieved levels of prosperity that few could have imagined 30 years ago. Japan, in contrast, has been mired for a decade in stagnation that appears to have no end

I suspect the answer to that is that the U.S. and GB greatly inflate their reported GDP numbers while reducing their reported inflation rates. Japan on the other hand most likely intentionally reduces their economic growth numbers.

If Japan ceased to subsidize American spending, where would the US be ecoomically.