Tuesday, September 13, 2005

[PINR] 12 September 2005: The Modernization of the Chinese Navy

sept 13th

more 'peaceful rise' of china, which is the biggest load of horse-manure in years. and some people seriously believe in this :-) as they say, a sucker's born every minute.

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12 September 2005

For a past analysis discussing space weaponization, we encourage you to read:

"The Pentagon's Bid to Militarize Space"


The Modernization of the Chinese Navy
Drafted By: Giuseppe Anzera

A number of advanced warships will gradually come into service in the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (P.L.A.N.) in the next two years. The bulk of these ships will belong to two new guided missile destroyer classes called 052B and 052C. The 052C will be fitted with an advanced integrated air defense system, supposedly similar to the U.S. Aegis phased-array radar display, with a high capability to engage multiple targets simultaneously.

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