Tuesday, September 27, 2005


sep 27th

i hear you, santhosh, about how disappointing benares is.  it is a living monument to how much hinduism has been hurt and continues to be hurt by semitic types of all kinds. i have heard this from various people.

as you mentioned, it is ill-maintained and quite disgusting in places. it is a matter of money not being spent. i remember the story of the dedicated mahant, who was head of the IT-BHU's civil engineering department as well, who has spent years trying to clean up the ganges. there is not enough money being spent on it. all the money in india goes to the benefit of semitic types.

read diana eck's 'banaras: city of light' and you will see how the mohammedans have destroyed almost all the great temples and built mosques on top. for instance, the biggest temple, bindu madhava, has been completely razed by i think aurangzeb. the gyan vapi mosque is another example where the old temple walls can be seen clearly.

and today, the up leaders vie with each other to appease mohammedans. and take money from the temples and give it to madrassas.

see also, however, the ray trilogy film set in benares. i think it's apur sansar. it captures benares beautifully.


Santhosh said...

Thanks for the references. If not ray's trilogy, atleast that book is available in a library nearby.

As a family we were disappointed about how kAsi's glory wasnt restored. All along, I was under the assumptions that there's a clear hindu resurgence in northern parts of India, where it was hit the most.

It might take longer than we anticipated.

While at it, lets have some "Mohammed's Belive it or else"


Kalyani said...

You said it,Rajeev!

Our anguish is beyond words.I am looking forward to 'pay back time';certainly not "co existence..... a pieceful one".