Monday, September 12, 2005

arjun singh and pals' latest attempt to destroy IITs

sept 12th

this is much like sitaram yechuri's statement that what india needs is more schools controlled by the government.

this is a terrific way to wipe out the iits' brand. and destroy the jee. and allow politicians to manipulate the class 12 results to get their offspring into the iits.

as arvind said, perfect chinese strategy.

meanwhile china is investing huge amounts in their universities. destroying the competitors' best universities would be part of their game plan.

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From: Arvind Kumar
Date: Sep 12, 2005 1:50 PM
Subject: "eminent educationists" to destroy credibility of IITs

Bet this is an idea from Chinese who want to destroy the credibility of IITs.

New IIT admission rules proposed

NDTV Correspondent

Monday, September 12, 2005 (New Delhi):

Come 2006 and life will be easier for IIT aspirants.

A Special Task Force constituted by the HRD Ministry has proposed that students who secure 60 per cent in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) will be eligible for admission to IITs from next year.

However, there would be a relaxation of five per cent of marks for the students belonging to SC/STs.

The JEE conducted for admission to IITs would continue to be the sole criteria for admission in IITs and other participating institutes, an official release said today.

The JEE would be a single objective type examination which could include short write-ups on various topics followed by objective questions based on the write up.

This would test the comprehension as well as the analytical ability of the students, the release said.

Reducing stress level

The students would also be allowed to write the JEE in the year in which he/she passes the Class X11 examination and/or in the following year.

But those who join any of the IITs would not be allowed to sit for the JEE again. The procedure would be reviewed after the JEE 2006, the release said.

Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh had convened a meeting of eminent educationists on March 24.

The purpose of the meeting was to initiate a dialogue for building a national consensus on issues related to reducing the high stress level among students appearing for Board and entrance examinations.

As a result of these discussions, a Special Task Force was constituted by the Directors of IITs to evaluate the process of the IIT-JEE.

The recommendations of the Task Force were deliberated upon by the Standing Committee of the IIT Council, chaired by Prof C N R Rao.

Reforms recommended

After due deliberations the Standing Committee recommended certain reforms in JEE for IITs from 2006.

The recommendation of the Standing Committee has been approved by the Minister as Chairman of the IIT Council.

From the JEE 2006 onwards, the screening test would be done away with and the results of the Class XII board examination would be factored in the admission process of the IITs.

This would also restore the sanctity of school system and reduce the influence of the coaching classes, it said. (With PTI inputs)


anonymous coward said...

the iim students voiced their concern when hrd ministry reduced the fees. the entire media was supporting the students and potrayed joshi as villian.
the deliberate destruction of iit by the ace secular arjun singh is being ignored by all including the media. it is a pity that the iit community is also not standing up to voice its concern.
this act by arjun singh will have far more disastrous effect on our educational system than any single government policy.

surya said...


I am not sure but what I read is
" 60% in +2 is mandatory to get into IITs. That means, other than qualifying in JEE , you need to have 60% in +2 which is common sense. Any chap who can crack JEE can easily score 60% in +2".

Anonymous said...

These politicians are complete asses. They all need good, hard, painful kicks on their backs. Why are they interfering in the educational system? Why is it that none of the IIT junta is protesting this? And less said about the media, the better. We are all sick and tired of the stupid, ignorant English language media. Hope they will all go to rotten hell.

san said...

Anytime I hear the name of Arjun Singh, I wince. That crook and his latest ad-hoc temple management committee are going to loot one of India's best-known quality institutions. All in a hard day's work of vote-buying, of course.

Arjuna said...

Oh Father,

Up in heaven/hell.

Give us our daily junk. Fill our IIT with crap.


Nagaraj said...

I think that this proposal is not intended to dilute the standards of those getting into the IITs but is intended primarily at easing the logistics of conducting this massive exercise.

It appears that the NDTV report pasted in this blog missed an important word - "only". A TOI report on the same topic stated that "only" those students who scored 60% in their +2 were eligible for admission to the IITs. Assuming that the TOI report is correct, this appears to be a measure to reduce the number of students appearing for the exam which in turn would reduce the overall load on those conducting these exams. Even a reduction of a few tens of thousands means it is that much an easier task for those evaluating it.

As for going back to the format of one entrance exam I remember that until about 15 years ago when I wrote the exam there was only one test that was conducted as the JEE exam. The screening test was introduced after the number of candidates appearing for the final exam increased and there was a need to eliminate the number of candidates taking the final test.

It is my personal opinion that such major changes would not have come through without agreement from all IITs. Those responsible for maintaining the standards of the IITs would certainly have protested if they felt that these changes would endanger the standards of students getting in.

Sorry about the long post but maybe it's a little early to get carried away with conspiracy theories because of a reporting error :-). The report also said that this procedure would be reviewed after the 2006 round of test and hopefully news reports in the next couple of days should let us know if there are any dissenting voices from the IITs. We should then have a clearer picture about this.

cyniclearner said...

hehehehe...we are yet to see the day when IITs will be controlled directlyy from JNU.

Shantanu B. said...

Well, let's not jump the gun here!! Agreed Arjun Singh is not the epitome of intelligence, but let's give the guy some credit for taking a stab at this issue. I personally loved the # of attempts limit. There is an entire battalion of UP and Bihar chaps who constantly keep attempting the JEE year after year till they don't get in. After 3-4 attempts, even idiots manage to get in....unfortunately, most of these guys cannot even speak the language. We need to level the playing field for people from all parts of the country - most of whom do not have the luxury of sitting at home and constantly keep trying to get into the IITs. Therefore, I believe, that this will actually better the calibre of people entering the IITs. People hell bent to get the brand IIT tag on their CVs can try again for the Masters degrees.

And the 60% cutoff criteria will force these kids to take college more seriously. Also admirable is the 55% limit for the SCST category - bold move methinks.

So there is no conspiracy here.

san said...

Never depend on the state or the populist politicians who run it for anything. The best thing for Indians to do is to set up their own private brand-name institutions -- the Harvard, the Yale, the Stanford, the Princeton, etc. We have to face up to the fact that there is no magical charm protecting the IITs from the machinations of politicians, and it's only a matter of time before they are looted by the politicians in the name of the masses.

Why can't Indians afford to set up Harvards, Princetons, Stanfords, etc?
Not only can they admit qualified Indians, but they can likewise admit international students at premium rates. Then the rest of the world can get an IIT education too.

Indian academia would be able to move much faster outside of the shackles of the state. Although I personally feel the practice of tenure needs to be curtailed, and there needs to be linkage with things like the new ranking index for scientists:

Things like these will ensure better accountability against slackness in the academic world.

Anonymous said...

I think the universities set up in the 20th century (Annamalai) were initially private but were soon taken over by the govt.

Also, I read that the state govts. want to extend 'reservations' to private universities.

Satish said...

Well its just one more criteria introduced 60% cutoff. Thats fine.

But what about the writeup on various topics (Dont we have a fair idea now about this, what type of topics its gonna be, hehe. How do we eradicate poverty in India, Should polygamy be allowed, Should hot videos be censored ROFL). This is one big step for corruption to come in. Can such writeups be evaluated and gauged numerically, like multiple choice and mathematical/physical/chemistry questions are. No!. Its in the hands of the Government jerk from Bihar/UP who will evaluate, if he is able to understand the language of the writeup(LOLZ.. Arjun singh is one real pain in the a**). Consider a situation in which two candidates clear the papers, but when the interview is conducted based on the writeup on *various topics*, the Bihari guy who praises Laloo will be preferred over a guy from Mumbai who talks sense. Wow.. think about it.. the same guy will not get a job anywhere even after IIT because he cant speak properly in any language, LMAO :), and will end up clearing IAS. Now he will get a chance to earn big money, more than his counterparts in the industry, by corruption.

Kunal said...

60% criterion, I am afraid will bring favors to south indians where even an idiot with a very typical south indian accent can score upto 90% or even more, in contrast to we biharis, where scoring 60% requires lot of hard work.As far as the second criterion regarding number of attempts is concerned that is not a problem as most of us qualify without wasting our years.And those who waste can save it now.Still against all odds Biharis will come up as they are undoubtedly the most talented bunch in the country.And a message for south indians- keep trying for M.Tech courses in IITs as B.Tech is reserved for Biharis as Bihar gives roughly 1,000 IITians (STAR NEWS figure) each year no matter how we speak a foriegn language but certainly not as funny as our south indian mates speak.As for people from MUMBAI let them learn to harvest the rainwater first and then speak "Aamchi Mumbai" in English,We biharis dont have any problems so far as we keep clearin' all the top competetive tests in the contry.Afterall talent is talent no matter how we speak and where we get the opportunity in IIT or MIT or HARVARD.