Thursday, September 01, 2005

uk times: economic value of indians in the uk

sept 1

forwarded by a friend.

we can safely assume that the majority of the pakistanis and bangladeshis in the uk are *not* adding that much to the economy. so the bulk of the so-called 'asians' must be indian.

so if indians at 2.5% of the population, produce 10% of the gdp, then by simple arithmetic,

the value of an indian briton = 4 x value of the average briton
= approx. 4 x value of the white briton as briton is 80% white

therefore 1 indian = 4 whites


Britain's Asians prop up economy

Britain's Asians generate 10% of the country's GDP despite being only 2.5% of the population


Dric said...

"therefore 1 indian = 4 whites"

haa haa that feels good

Anonymous said...

Sorry, why is it that Pakistanis and Bangladeshis can't be adding to the economy? I'm confused...

Anonymous said...

1 Indian = 4 Whites is pretty accurate.

In every workplace I've ever seen, Indians and Chinese FAR FAR FAR outweigh whites in brains, diligence, and qualifications. Period.

But, you can never expect whites to live in a world in which they will be dominated by others. They'll even go so far as to pick an idiot among their race to boss everyone else to make sure that they are not dominated. I've seen this a thousand times.

I hope this equation can come true because our 1 billion Indians plus 1.3 billion Chinese can take their rightful place in the world.

Remember...only 300 years ago, India and China controlled over HALF of the world trade. Because they underestimated white colonialists, they were reduced to 3% of world trade.

Hopefully they don't make the same mistake again...

Unfortunately, Indians don't learn their lessons very well---i.e. sonia gandhi, kargil (cooperative effort of cia/mi5), sharad pawar, most of the congress party, nehru's countless "blunders", etc etc. ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

If it takes an Indian to be 2X as good to be equal to a white, then we Indians had better be 10 times better. 1 Indian to 4 whites isn't good enough!

Anonymous said...

This is good for the self-esteem, but we had better not be complacent. Remember...on average whites are more prosperous, better fed, richer, and live longer life than the average Indian. Once all the Indians in India are at the same level as Indians in the UK...well, then that'll be good news!