Tuesday, September 06, 2005

alternate sources of energy

sept 6th

let's present that ass of a british doctor with inane theories about bse in india with a few of these new cowdung based fuel cells



san said...

Hey, does anybody know if India has any Shale Oil? Read this link:


Maybe ONGC should go looking for this stuff too.

Anil Prasad said...


It may be a dumb question to ask.. but what is Shale Oil..

Checked the link you gave, but of no avail. Can you please give some more info..

True Indian

san said...

TI, here's a link from Wikipedia for you:

Also, India is looking to follow China's footsteps by setting up a coal liquefaction plant:

China already set up its first one last year. Dirty coal can be transformed into relatively cleaner oil for market consumption.

san said...

Here's a story on how American kids are getting online tutoring from India:


I admit, this type of grassroots interaction is a great way for Indians to get in at the ground level, when it comes to cultivating a brand-name impression on the US market. LOL, how long will it be before hordes of US teenagers are speaking their english with an Indian accent? ;)

If most of your math & science teachers were Indian when you were growing up, then how will it affect your perception of an Indian applicant when interviewing them for an engineering position?

Anonymous said...

OT -- but can anyone give me an idea of the status of the Indian nuclear program? Everything I read in the US says that it is pretty primitive.

However, the Indian Govt. says that they are making major progress and appear to have attracted engineers from the erstwhile USSR at places like Kalpakkam.

Would be interested to see if India is making progress in this sector.

Anonymous said...

There was a recent article (though not highly publicized) on a new fast breeder reactor designed by Indian scientists. I am not sure what the exact science is, but it does seem like India is making progress in the nuclear energy sector.

san said...

Some sort of news is breaking on a new energy technology:


I don't know if it's real or if it's just wild hype, but the claims sound very attractive. Whether they're true or not, only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell doesn't India invest effort and money in solar power?

This would solve ALL their problems...