Thursday, September 01, 2005

ipod phone from motorola and apple likely

sept 1

sept 7th will see an apple announcement of something new: probably the much-touted moto-apple itunes phone, already dubbed the iphone.

or is it a video ipod?


san said...

Well, word is out that while the new Apple-Motorola iPhone is now set to come out, there will however not be any video-iPod.

The reason for this is that video files are much larger and more bandwidth-demanding than audio files. Therefore, it's not very feasible to be able to load large video files onto a video-iPod. Also, Apple has no supporting iTunes-like service in place for video content.

What I would really like to see come out is a portable walkman-style computer, with video-glasses. Certainly , a video-iPod would be a stepping stone to this, but perhaps it will have to wait until bandwidth challenges are met.

san said...

Here's another powerful message:

Indian IT is here to stay.