Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Swami" Agnivesh TELLS GOI to negotiate with "Maoists"

Adds up. This christist "Swami"
masquerading as a "noted social activist" has built a career
advocating anti-national and secessionist causes. It is only logical that he would order the government to negotiate with the
Christian terrorists.

"Swami Agnivesh" is an important wheel in the global church's agenda of "liberation theology" - being realized by
action on the ground by "Maoist"
cadre, "activism" of the likes of
"Binayak Sen", Susan "Arundhati Roy" and collaboration of pimps in the tabloid "media".

It is a pity that frauds and impostors like "Swami Agnivesh"
are not exposed over a period of
decades. India needs a Wikileaks - not Con-gress handmaidens like "Tehelka".

If Egypt had a dictator like Hosni Mubarak, India's rot runs much deeper - there is an entire fifth column of deracinated traitors like "Agnivesh" practising
inculturation and Taqiya.

The first truth that needs to be exposed is the baptized name of
"Agnivesh". Let me take a guess, Father Frank Anthony?

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witan said...

The Forty Nobel Laureates that "rallied" for Binayak Sen have described him as "a fellow scientist and human rights advocate". I wonder what has been Bhayanak Sen's area of scientific expertise: my experience in science suggests Molecular Biology or Nuclear Physics.
Also, somehow I am reminded of "Ali Baba and Forty ....." [idea borrowed from Ambrose Bierce].