Thursday, February 17, 2011

Devas the Next Enron Dhabol?

The cancellation of the Antrix deal with Devas is then unravelling not just the credibility of the Manmohan Singh govt, but exposing the web of cronyist relationships that extend worldwide.

We can perhaps remember back to the cancellation of another backroom deal around the Dhabol power project, involving a then lesser-known corporation called Enron. The snapping of the Dhabol deal soon triggered a massive domino effect that led to the collapse of the Enron energy empire and the fragile house of cards it was built upon. If Afghanistan is the historic graveyard of ambitious international imperialist adventures, then perhaps India is proving to be a similar burial ground for transnational crony capitalist schemers.

This time, instead of Bush, Cheney, Baker, et al, we have the likes of Madeleine Albright and her buddy Sandy Burglar - excuse me, Berger. This time the Atlanticist clan have to come drink deeply at the Indian watering hole. After trying to marginalize India on the nuclear and diplomatic front, they have the gall to try to profit off it. It'll be nice to see their tribe get a kick in the teeth for a change.

With the precedent of Enron in mind, could somebody recommend me a stock to short because of l'affaire Devas?

The host of the newslaxative program asks whether the opposition shouldn't be tarnished for performing its proper role as an opposition in highlighting the govt's impropriety, because then somehow it means the opposition has pushed the govt into an abrupt cancellation.

Sorry, but the role of an opposition is to draw attention to the wrongdoing by the govt, and not to shut up about it. With the Dalal Media all being corporate cronies, it's no surprise that the newslaxative program host is pushing that angle.


Inferno said...

OT: If you can't change inflation, change the index. How convenient!
New consumer price indices pegs inflation at 6 pc for Jan

Inferno said...

Mahindra over-promises, under-delivers
They suffered a marketing setback by getting a U.S. fuel economy rating of 19 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway - far below the 30 mpg promised to dealers.

Inferno said...

For whatever reason, this blog has been silent about this issue:
"The link explained by the CAG between Swan Telecom and the DMK-owned television channel, Kalaignar TV, is almost established"