Sunday, February 27, 2011

global warming sceptic points out: Snow in San Francisco after 35 years

feb 27th, 2011 CE

yes, snow in san francisco is pretty extreme: that would be sort of like snow in kerala. but we can draw various lessons from it. 

my response: one snowfall, or even 10, do not global cooling make :-)

the fact is that climate patterns are messed up. this year, the frigid arctic air that is usually corralled around the poles escaped and caused the heavy snows in the US and europe. conversely, the arctic was much warmer than usual.

bottom line: climate is changing. observe the severe droughts in russia and china; the floods in australia and pakistan. all this evidence points out one thing: the status quo no longer holds. 

you can choose to ignore the evidence and blame al gore and so forth, but i don't think it is feasible any more to say that the weather is not changing. 

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From: Arvind Kumar

Global Warming has caused a snow fall in San Francisco after 35 years.

35 years back - in 1976 - when it snowed, do you know what was the cause? It was an impending ice-age!

I kid you not, the National Academy of Science said so. So it cannot be wrong.


sansk said...

kind of like BBC said so, so it must be true. Why cannot we use our OWN heads ?

"the National Academy of Science said so. So it cannot be wrong"

sansk said...

Seems like climate based scare mongering (eventually paving way for Carbon tax, carbon derivative trading etc) is quite a lucrative business in West, just like blaming hindus for all ills of India is in for the secularists in India.

It makes a complete mockery of commonsense when 'climatologists' (seem like western indologists in ethics department) claim to predict a system as complex as climate. No Mathematician or Physicist worth any reputation would not predict about such a system...except for :

Here it gets interesting. The whole climate scare mongering was probably a tool for a loser like Jimmy Carter to wean people away from oil. However, no US government seem to have understood that some people switched to oil for home heating because coal prices were controlled/regulated by US government.

sansk said...


For once try to think from the point of view that this so-called climate change/anthropogenic global warming/Roeckefellers buying Weather Channel/Carbon Tax/Goldman Sachs doing carbon derivative scam etc, maybe, just be not based in solid data but in fudged numbers, political rheotric (to hate oil, industrialization, big oil hates of loonies), and in sheer greed of investment banksters who want to make money and government which is perpetually on lookout for another reason to tax people.

nizhal yoddha said...

sansk, there is something i believe you are missing out on. just think about it carefully for a while.

we have a bad set of options. think scylla and charybdis.

1. gore/goldman sachs get richer with carbon trading etc.

2. saudi arabia/ISI get richer by charging us $300/barrel of oil.

believe me, i'd rather have (1) than (2). what about you?

sansk said...


Do you think $300/barrel oil is easy to get. It can only be done with approval of US government and Wall Street which are bent on destroying dollar.

Even if it is done, it is guaranteed to send economies of many countries into doghouse and that sort of thing is usually a precondition to war.

The option you offered are not equally likely.

Finally, no one denies that climate patterns change...they have rarely been constant...maybe during ice age.
But to use these natural phenomenon to create scare and blame human activities for them, is just what Church does when it wants to induce guilt into 'sheeple' for being sinners.

The end result to going to be same.

Arvind said...

i never said there is global cooling. what i was trying to say was that the field of climate "science" is fraudulent and the only science in it is political science.

Arvind said...

if anything, the floods in pakistan and australia and the droughts in china and russia prove that everything is going on as usual and the climate "scientists" are lying by proffering those events as evidence.

i've sent you emails with evidence that these events have been occurring at least once or twice a decade if you go back and look at a hundred or hundred and fifty years of history.

sansk said...

for those who still refuse to surrender to the God of Global Warming: