Thursday, February 24, 2011

thanks to dynasty rule, india is the only large country where people have become thinner over time

feb 24th, 2011 CE

 a recent study highlighted by the economist ( ) quoting data in the medical journal lancet via imperial college, a british university ( showed that people had grown fatter everywhere in the world, except in india, afghanistan (state of war), and congo (state of war). in other words, india is in a state of war too: the UPA is waging war on indians (except of course on mohdan and xtists indians who get all sorts of government giveaways). in india people have actually gotten thinner over time, unlike say, in china, or even pakistan. so much for the aam admi, eh, fat cats of the UPA?

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This is true and I congratulate Rajeev on this.

We are fostering anti nationals to the detriment of the nation

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