Thursday, February 24, 2011

Women's wages in the US: not so different from 30 shekels to a man's 50 in the bible leviticus 27:1-4

feb 24th, 2011 CE

after decades of womens' lib and bra-burning, women on average still make only about 75% as much as a man (a rough estimate by eyeballing the data for a weighted-average). not so different from the old testament ratio of 30:50 for women:men, or 60%.

so you ain't come that long a way, baby!

this at a time when women have overtaken men in the US workforce, partly as a result of the financial meltdown.and there was a long atlantic (i think) article that proclaimed that women were better suited for office work than men, because their brains were better for today's white collar jobs than men's. 

i wonder how this compares to the ratio in india. i claim that indian women are generally paid pretty close to a man's wage. 


shiva said...

I am not surprised.We can't get more than 6 weeks of maternity leave to raise the future of America- our kids!

Julian said...

I am surprised you buy this pay gap myth.

Fact is that men make up over 90% of workplace deaths etc so there is no question of "equal work" there.

How come these bra burning feminists don't ask that there be a quota in dangerous jobs so that workplace deaths can be made 50% male and 50% female?

Compare that to their constant demands for female CEO's etc.

That should tell you quiet a bit about their honesty or lack of it.

Feminism is another stupid ideology which has no use for facts just like Islam, Christinsanity, Communism, and Socialism.

You may check the studies of Warren Farrell on this issue including videos on youtube. He was 3 times elected to the Board of Directors of the National Organization for Women in N.Y.C. and was a staunch believer in this myth before he began to question it.

Check the following video of his:

Inferno said...

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nizhal yoddha said...

julian, i agree this gender equality business is less than honest. my point though is that when feminazis in india buy into the 'white woman's burden' -- and white women do make a lot of noise about how terribly indian women are treated -- it would be good to remind them that the data on the ground show that feminazism hasn't actually achieved much even in the west.