Friday, February 18, 2011

Text of Advani's Letter - Rediff

feb 18th, 2011 CE

this doesn't sound like an apology to me. in fact, he's telling sonia she should have spoken up earlier.

regret is not the same as apologizing.

for instance, you might regret that the dynasty is in power in india.

but that isn't the same as apologizing to the world at large for this perversion of democracy.

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The text of Advani's 'regret' letter to Sonia Gandhi


February 18, 2011 19:01 IST


Bharatiya Janata Party veteran Lal Krishna Advani's letter of regret to Congress president Sonia over naming her family in the party task force's report on illegal Swiss bank accounts has created a sort of crisis within the BJP.

This is the text of Advani's letter to Sonia Gandhi, dated February 16:

Dear Smt Soniaji,

On my return from Kolkata last night, I found your letter dated 15th  February awaiting me. 

I am happy that you have denied the reports relating to you and your family alluded to in the Task Force's Report on Black Money.

If these had been denied earlier, the Task Force would have taken your  denial into account. Even so, I deeply regret the distress caused to you.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

L K Advani



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