Sunday, February 27, 2011

binayak, the full 3M guy

feb 27th, 2011 CE

arvind, you should note that binayak sen, the 'healing angel', is not only a marxist and a crypto-missionary, he likes to be a mullah, too.

you couldn't find a better criminal than binayak to personify your 3M reports.

this would be hilarious if it weren't such black comedy.

did binayak ever go to one looking like a hindu (of course he may have no memory of what that means, after his conversion presumably in vellors) of the many mini-pakistans in india (eg. in kozhikode's nadapuram where several green terrorists just met their 72 houris while making bombs which exploded prematurely, bangalore's mosque road, or the old city of hyderabad, or other places where black tent-clad women and their white-clad shepherds rule)? how does it feel to be a fearful infidel there? or in bangladesh, where infidels are simply beaten to death by the faithful?

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