Monday, February 21, 2011

godhra murder verdict: 31 convicted, 63 acquitted

feb 21st, 2011 CE

so what happened to justice uc "spontaneous combustion" banerjee's theories?

i am told, however, that the kingpin, a mullah, was acquitted. 

and probably the congressi agent provocateur was, too.


Arvind said...

what happened to that congress leader mohammed kolota? also, amartya rothschild's discarded mistress martha nussbaum went around claiming that it was an accident. earlier, she also claimed that hindus provoked it.

incidentally, martha's real name is martha craven but she uses the name nussbaum because jewish names appear intellectual and she has an inferiority complex that she is just another affirmative action candidate.

karyakarta92 said...

63 guilty butchers go scot free for burning alive 79 (not 59) Hindu pilgrims and abducting & gangraping several Hindu young women from the Sabarmati express. This is adding insult to injury. But, Hindus should not expect justice from the "secular" Indian judiciary. Remember the Radhabai Chawl case where an entire Hindu family of 8 was burnt alive in Jogeshwari, Mumbai by "peaceful" Muslim rioters in
the aftermath of the Ayodhya demolition. The guilty Muslims were acquitted for "lack of evidence".
It is high time that Hindus lose their complacent attitude.
It is lamentable that there are so few Nathuram Godese's, Dara Singh's and Swami Aseemanand's. There needs to be swift punitive action against perpetrators of such bestial atrocities in order to provide a credible deterrent against
repeated genocidal acts against Hindus on their own soil.

Vijay said...

Those who were released were not guilty in the first place and was known long ago by all, but their release got delayed due to bureaucracy.

karyakarta92 said...

Eyewitnesses and investigative agencies have attested to the fact of a genocidal mob of over 2000 Muslims attacking the Sabarmati express and roasting alive 79 Hindus- men, women and children. Less than a 100 were apprehended and prosecuted in court. Now, 63 out of those less than 100 are allowed to walk away Scot free.
Is this justice? What was the 2000+ strong Muslim mob doing that day in Godhra? Peacefully spinning Ghandy's Charkha to commemorate the "secular" traditions of
Sabarmati Ashram? Each one of that 2000+ genocidal mob is guilty and should be awarded capital punishment.