Thursday, February 24, 2011

ABSOLUTE MUST READ: "Indian Culture and India's Future" by Michel Danino

feb 24th, 2011 CE

if you read just one book this year, let it be this!

absolutely fabulous material from michel danino. if you have been brainwashed first by the brits and their denigration of indian culture, history, sciences etc., and then by the comrades following on in the same vein, this is the antidote!

based on a series of lectures, this is an astonishingly well-written book that brings to light the great contributions of indian civilization to the world, and how these are essential for the future.

if you, or your children, have been toxified by the indian government's JNU-inspired propaganda, this is the book you MUST READ.

by the way, danino's 2010 book on the sarasvati, 'lost river', was another stunning and magnificent work.

in his quiet, scholarly way, michel danino demolishes myth after myth that we have been fed and have been led to believe.

i have not finished reading it yet, but it is an outstanding book of scholarship, yet it succeeds in bringing insights to the lay reader without patronizing us. 

From: Michel Danino

Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 9:41 PM
Subject: "Indian Culture and India's Future"

Dear friends,


This is to inform you of the release of a new book of mine, Indian Culture and India's Future, published by D.K. Printworld.


If you happen to have a look at it, I will value your comments.


With best regards,





Indian Culture and India's Future

Binding          :           Paperback

10 Digit ISBN :           812460567X

13 Digit ISBN :           9788124605677

Pages            :           248p.

List Price       :           INR 300.00

Sale Price      :           INR 270.00


Can Indian civilization be compared to a "thousand-branched tree"? What have been its outstanding achievements and its impact on the world?


These are some of the questions this book asks. But it also deals with issues confronting more and more Indians caught in an identity crisis: What does it mean to be Indian? What is specific to the worldview developed by Indian culture? How has it dialogued with other cultures? Is it built on durable foundations, or is it little more than colourful religiosity and quaint but outdated customs? And what are the meaning and application of secularism and tolerance in the Indian context?


The French-born author, who has been living in India for 33 years, argues that Indian culture is not some exotic relic of the past, but a dynamic force that still has a role to play in defining India's identity and cohesion, and in proposing solutions to today's global challenges.


Written in a crisp and engaging style, this thought-provoking volume challenges received ideas on India's culture and invites us to think afresh.


Book Contents



Introduction: Is Indian Culture Obsolete?


Part One: A Thousand-Branched Tree

1. India's Scientific Mind

2. India's Gifts to the World

3. India in France

4. For the Love of Nature


Part Two: Indian Culture at the Crossroads

5. The Colonized Indian Mind

6.The Age of Confusion

7.The Gita and the Problem of Action


Part Three: India and the World

8. Wounded Identity

9.The Conqueror and the Conquered

10. Dialogue among Civilizations: an Indic Perspective




Suggested Further Readings



(The book is also available as a hard-bound edition: )


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Madhusudan said...

Sir, I bought this the first time you had posted about it on you blog. My friend took it from me on the first look of it and completed it. And his immediate reaction on reading it was
"we should prepare a series of presentations on this book for colleges and schools. "
gr8 book indeed.