Sunday, February 13, 2011

nice modus operandi by love jihadi mohdan criminals

feb 13th, 2011 CE

kill somebody over your love jihad, then take off for india. especially if you are a bangladeshi mohdan, you will be welcomed in india and the 'nation's resources' put at your disposal, thanks to manmohan singh.

ok, murtaza was trying to flee to dacca with a one-way ticket, but remember the indian doctor in australia who had a 1-way ticket to india the day before his brother drove a jeepful of explosives into an airport in britain? that is the guy manmohan singh was losing sleep over.

what's with mohdans and 1-way tickets? they find india to be their home of last resort, like israel is for jews?

 rajeev srinivasan 
bangladeshi murderer nabbed after 20 yrs, happily living in india. remember murtaza, also from bd?

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