Friday, February 25, 2011

GOI Investigates Arun Shourie for Telecom Scams

This one really made me roll my eyes. The Indian govt is now targeting former telecom minister Arun Shourie for investigation, in the wake of recent telecom scandals. The One Party State is showing its fangs, in fabricating trumped up allegations against political opponents.


Jatin said...

I believe the JPC was agreed to be formed on the condition that past Telecom ministers would be subjected to investigations. I wonder why Dayanidhi Maran is not yet called in.

Chris said...

Chris said...

When did a deposition become an inquisition? To do something voluntarily is not to become subject of investigation. Roughly translated Shourie says " If this were a mariage, i would be from the groom's side!"
He also takes the pants off the busybodies of the media.