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India's Soft-Power:Call Comes From The East!

feb 18th, 2011 CE

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India's Soft-Power:Call Comes From The East!
Dr. Adityanjee,
Senior Fellow, VIF
There has been renewed fighting over the last few weeks between two Asian nations Thailand and Cambodia, in India's near abroad region, over the 9th Century Hindu Temple complex situated on a mountain-top. Preah Vihear is a Shiva Temple constructed by the Hindu Khmer kings from 9th Century to 11th Century CE. Later on it came under Buddhist influence when Thailand ruled over the northwestern Cambodia from the late 18th century until the early 20th century. In the early part of the 20th century French colonialists expelled the Thais to current international border. The dispute between the two nations is longstanding and is based on different interpretations of a French colonial map. In 1962 the International Court of Justice in The Hague awarded the temple complex to Cambodia. In July 2008 the temple complex was declared as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Thailand opposed it on grounds that the territory around the temple was never demarcated between the two countries. The current conflict is precipitated by the Thai electoral politics between the "red-shirts" and the "yellows-shirts" and possibility of electoral defeat of the Prime Minister Abhisit Veijajiva in the next general elections. Clearly, hyper-nationalism drives this
longstanding dispute between two of our neighbors. It would be naïve to presume that any international intervention would quickly resolve this complex problem with strong nationalistic overtones.
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