Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wsj editorial: davis case is like iran hostage crisis

feb 16th, 2011 CE
കുംഭം ൪, ൧൧൮൬, പുണര്‍തം 

they suggest the US should and will go to any length to get davis released, as it is a contravention of international law.

the pakis say, 'give us convicted terrorist aafiya and we'll give you davis'.

this is a moment of epiphany for the yanks: "he who rides the tiger shall perish by it". or something along those lines


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witan said...

Can you please give the link to the said Editorial?

souixsie said...

After reading the Wikipedia entry on Raymond Davis, if it were any other sovereign country that he went cowboy in this manner he would pay severely for his actions. Getting out of his car and taking cell phone pictures of the two he had just shot crossed the line, as did the consulate car he called as a backup which disregarded other civilian traffic and ran over and killed another innocent bystander. But this is Pakistan; land of Daniel Pearl's beheading, home of the homicidal triple-crossing ISI, and the prime mover of terrorism and bloody mayhem in India. They deserve every indignity that the US heaps on them and more. They lost their sovereignty a long time ago, and now the infected client and diseased whore just have to lump it. Can you say schadenfreude?