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Voice of India Features Newsletter - 02 January 2011

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Editorial: Determination and Strong Will Needed in 2011
The Editorial Team
One more year has moved into the pages of history. The year 2010 has gone by and the year 2011 has arrived. The year saw a number of incidents taking place across the world giving a mixed feeling. For whatever incident different people might want to remember the year 2010, it may not be disputed that the year saw a number of controversies coming to light. Some people have rightly dubbed the year 2010 as a year of scams. A number of scams came to fore in which siphoning away of public funds through a nexus of politicians-government officials - mediapersons has taken place.

The Role of Religious Leaders In Overcoming Hindu Catastrophe
Dr. Babu Suseelan
babu_suseelan.jpgHindu's contribution to world in philosophy, psychology, music, literature, life sciences, art, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, algebra, and physics can never be underestimated.  The extent of our spiritual influence and the practical blessings to the world can never be disputed. Hindus have developed a distinctive system of philosophy, logic, epistemology, Ayurveda, wealth creation, and spiritual system for transcendence. The aim of Vedas and Upanishads, Puranas and Darsanas were to achieve control of our life, to seek freedom and means to seek Godhead. Specific philosophical systems about how to achieve control on life and seek freedom differ. In spite of differing schools of thought, Hindus enjoyed a prosperous, harmonious and peaceful life. Men were active in promoting our culture and wealth was accumulated.  Indian culture reached its zenith. Foreign travelers like Megasthenes and Fa-hsien had noted the peacefulness of Hindus, the rarity of crime and how people lived in social harmony. Slowly Buddhism and Jainism had appeared on the scene and the passive, tolerant and negationism of Buddhism and Jainism had influenced Hindu thought and life. As a result, our Kings have dismantled armies and Ahimsa was practiced. The goal of life has become liberation from bondage. Attempts were made to reconstruct our society and dilute our philosophy.
Visit of Chinese Premier – Weak Indian Leadership has Damaged Indian Interest
Rajeev Dubey

rajiv_dubey.jpgThe statement by the external affairs minister Mr. S. M. Krishna - "Kashmir to India is like what Tibet is to China", has caused damages to India's interests and has diluted our stand on this subject. This indicates a weak and unwise leadership at the center. Chinese intended to visit a powerful, resurgent, and proud India. But they were greeted by a prostrating host in New Delhi. China had heard about the cutting edge intellectual power of the people of India, it had come to know about the technological skills of the Indian engineers, and it had known the wisdom and foresight of Indian men and women of eminence. China was expecting to see the nation that it considered its teacher from the ancient days. Alas, China met a trembling set of rulers in New Delhi who somehow wanted to carry on the business of ruling over the unsuspecting citizens! China expected to meet the sovereign of India, instead, it ended up meeting the people comforting themselves with the gains of power
Dancing with the Dragon
Dr. A Adityanjee
In the immediate aftermath of the three-day visit of Chinese premier Wen Jiabao to India in early December, the Indian strategic community purred approvingly at the host country's changed assertive self in the face of continued Chinese diplomatic obfuscation and intransigence in bilateral geopolitical issues. Indian analysts, policy-wonks and think-tankers announced from the roof-tops at how self-confident we have become in the face of the dragon! Not just that, the venerable international magazine from London, The Economist published a special article suggesting that India is pushing back. In hindsight, though, more sobering analyses have appeared. However, looking at the broader perspective, the important question is whether our delayed and subdued response to continued Chinese belligerence since 1949 is enough or we need to do something more, both strategically and tactically, to deal with the perpetual, habitual and often covert Chinese aggression that we choose to ignore all the time

Sufism as an Offshoot of Islamic Imperialism
Ravi Varma
If it is true that Islam preaches peace, social amity and tolerance, why is it that there is no peace and tolerance in any of the Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan or Lebanon? Even in India, it is the Muslim dominated towns that are known to be riot-prone areas. Clearly, it is the hatred and religious intolerance preached and practiced by the Muslim leaders, imams and politicians that lead to communal violence in India and other countries. IT is a fact that the learned historians from the Jamia Milia Islamia University, Aligarh Muslim University, Jawaharlal Nehru University as also Marxist intellectuals and sponsored journalists always blame British imperialism for the continuing Hindu-Muslim conflicts in India. According to them, Hindu-Muslim riots are the result of the British Policy of Divide & Rule employed by the British during their regime. It is also often stated that Muslim Sufis are like Hindu religious leaders and mendicants who preached religious tolerance and social peace in the country. Let us analyse whether the above assertions of the learned Muslims and Marxist historians have any element of truth


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