Saturday, February 12, 2011

Indian foreign minister reads WRONG speech at UN Security Council

What an atrocious clown!! No wonder, India is a laughing stock in the comity of nations, condemned to not being taken seriously, despite its inherent greatness.

Vladimir Putin had sardonically stated that he was not in favour of admitting India to the UN Security Council - because he did not want that body to be transformed into a "debating society"!!!!

This is a new low, even for the semi-literate Con-gress, UPA
imbeciles. If the foreign minister
doesn't have the basic common sense to even READ out the already PREPARED speech, we are screwed.

India's situation is worse than third world banana republics like
Cuba or dictatorships like North Korea. At least, their leaders can articulate what, in their perception constitutes national interest.

Why are we clamouring for permanent UN Security Council membership again? So that SM Krishna can entertain the world with his verbal flatulence?

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witan said...

One can infer from the incident that the Hor'ble [intentionally spelt so] Minister's speeches are ghost-written in their entirety. Why not appoint the ghost-writer as the Minister? Am reminded of an old folk tale about a king who set out on a hunting expedition. A washerman cautioned him it was going to rain, but the minister said the weather was going to be fine. It did rain when the king was out. He called the washerman and asked him how he could predict, and the answer was that the ears of the washerman's donkey pricked up before wet weather.
Allow me to modify the ending to the story: the king sacked his minister and appointed the DONKEY in his place.
It will be good if something similar is done in the present case.