Friday, February 18, 2011

attukal temple: world's largest gathering of women, feb 19th, trivandrum

feb 18th, 2011 CE

attukal devi temple in trivandrum has become a major pilgrimage destination -- and it is only for women (sort of like sabarimala is only for men).


R said...

despite being a woman's temple, there is not a single woman in the committee. very strange for a progressive state like Kerala. Maybe the committee guys make too much money to give up their posts!

Julian said...

What "progressive" state?

Is this the same state that basically survives on remittance economy?

And why should there be women on the committee?

It is privately run and if they think a woman merits it they will have her.

By your ridiculous feminist "logic" why are most homeless people, why are men more likely to committ suicide and die earlier?

It seems feminists never want equal results in those areas, only in CEO's and other lucrative positions.

Oh and how many mosques are controlled by women?

Or Churches?

Surely your progressive comrades should look into that in the "progressive" state of Kerala?