Monday, February 21, 2011

china grabs seas, while murmurs of dissent in xinjiang

feb 21st, 2011

why aren't paks and other green brothers worried about the green brothers in xinjiang? is there an understanding between hans and the ISI to keep the lid on uighur violence?

so while they are keeping control of the old land empire, the hans are also attempting to capture the south china sea as its new 'lake'. after all, stands to reason. it is called the south CHINA sea, so it must belong to china, no? ironclad logic, just like their claim on tibet (which is, the mongol emperor used to rule over both china and tibet. therefore tibet belongs to china.)

hmm.... has james 'the pak fan' astill moved on as the banyan columnist? otherwise there would be no criticism of china.

btw, i await with bated breath james 'i hate india' astill's surely-to-be-published book explaining india. 

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