Friday, February 18, 2011

wsj editorial calls mr. singh a puppet, calls on dynasty to come to power

feb 18th, 2011 CE

in its editorial in the feb 18-20 weekend edition, wsj asia says:

mr. singh's lament:

"india cannot be taken seriously on the world stage when its prime minister does not have the power to speak on the county's behalf. 

how much longer will the gandhi family rule from behind the curtain?"

doesn't the wsj understand that it's better for the dynasty to have power without responsibility or accountability? jeez!


Ray said...

Well, Where is the link to the article?

nizhal yoddha said...

its paid content, i get a pdf version of the paper.

san said...

I just read the entire article here:

Note: I don't have any special paywall access, as I'm not a subscriber, but the article came up in full.

Kumar said...

The Congress High Command is a great myth.
It is also a myth that Sonia is politically sagacious.
The international managers (backroom boys) of Sonia have developed a very successful model. They talk directly to the front men of the so-called high command and give the orders. It is the job of the coterie to carry out the task, whatever it takes; otherwise they cease to be part of the coterie and lose whatever privileges they enjoy. (The Indo-US Nuclear Deal is a case in point) Any inconvenient people may meet unexpected ends.
All the dirty work by scums, who sold their souls long ago; and bulk of the harvest to some high and mighty, who are faceless.