Monday, February 28, 2011

Egypt's Ikhwan wants Indian EVMs; paks already asked for it: totalitarians love them. Of course they would

feb 28th, 2011 CE

pakistanis had already expressed interest.

nice going, chawla and company! (naveen chawla, biographer of mteresa -- so appropriate, one fraud to another -- was the former Election Commissioner)

the chawla EC should have a new name: "Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe" (familiar to fans of Caaah Taaahlk on NPR, as known to the bums in haaavad squaaah of awah fayah city, cambridge, ma)


sansk said...

according to ToI, Muslim Brotherhood (Egyptian organisation gave us Aymen Al Zawahiri) is expecting (democratic) support from India.

Ejaz said...

Actually Zawahiri hates the Muslim Brothehood and considres them Kafirs because they want to participate in elections and democracy.

Zawahiri came from the group Islamic Jihad.

So Muslim brotherhood(Egyptian organisation that is hated by Zawahiri) is willing to have India help in conducting free and fair elections.

Legacy thanks to Nehru and Indira whose foreign policy is helping us in Egypt even today

witan said...

Earlier, some countries had been asking for the so-called indelible ink meant for branding the voter animals. The indelible ink stains could be removed with readily available, cheap, chemicals, allowing the selected voters to vote again and again, but it uas a bit tedious. Rigging up an EVM is much simpler and "fool proof".