Monday, February 14, 2011

MEMRI Predicts US-Pak Clash

The Washington-based Middle Eastern Media Research Institute (MEMRI) predicts that Pakistan and the United States are on a collision course for war. This is because of the fundamental clash between their interests, and the inability of either side to back down on what each considers to be its vital interests.


Vijay said...

I think it is a question when the US will carpet bomb Pakistan, not how.

Their patience is already wearing thin. I am sure they have plans ready to take out all the nuclear weapons.

Such a plan is also less of a headache to the US, both financially and militarily.

It serves India well too to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age, since Pakistan is a source of terror and drains India financially, among other things.

sansk said...

US won't touch Pakistan unless she got a president who can take on China too.

Agneya said...

Who says China will get involved? Did China get involved during Kargil? Afghanistan (shares a border with China as well)? I'd expect the Chinese to stay out of any potential America-Pakistan war, and look for another client state in the meantime.

Vijay said...

World war 2 brought the US out of the killer depression, so will world war 3.

We may see an adjustment or complete overhaul of principles to justify our reaction to challenges and difficult times ahead.

Probably post world war 2 principles will be done away with and saudi arabia will become a colony of the United States.

Then where is China? United States has plenty of land, natural resources, fire power, friends to take on emerging China.

san said...

China isn't capable of projecting much power into the Pak quagmire. If China had to deploy lots of forces there, it would be a huge drain on it over time.

I think we've already heard about how Richard Armitage threatened to bomb Musharraf back to the stone age after 9/11. There was no China card that Mushy could play in response, and that's why US forces are in Pak now.

I think that the US should resort to low-intensity warfare to bleed Pak first, such as supporting Baloch and other rebels. And like I said, the US should also take advantage of the presence of all these pirates in nearby waters to harass Pak shipping as well.