Sunday, February 13, 2011

Navyshastra apologizes to the Paraiyah caste for insulting and inflammatory remarks

feb 13th, 2011 CE

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Navyshastra apologizes to the Paraiyah caste for insulting and inflammatory remarks

Navyshastra unconditionally apologizes to the people of the Paraiyah caste for the language used against the caste by one of the prominent members of the Navyashastra cult. 

On February 9, 2011, a prominent leader of Navyashastra and a certified intellectual of this group thundered that Paraiyahs are "malicious" and "low life" because they "speak and post filth." He then pronounced that he would henceforth call those who "speak and post filth" as Paraiyahs. The same Navyashastra leader also made a vigorous call to enforce untouchability by "casting... off" certain people. 

Navyshastra admits that these statements made by the prominent leader of Navyashastra may have hurt the feelings of some people and that the Paraiyahs are actually an ancient and important jati from Tamilnadu. We admit that Paraiyahs have a glorious past in Hindu history and that the Paraiyahs constituted the prestigious right-handed regiment in the Chola armies. The great Tamil Hindu saint Tiruvalluvar was born into this jati. We also admit that the Sangam classic Purananuru tells us that the Paraiyahs were a celebrated martial jati of the forest region. 

We further admit that the "Acharya Vidyasagar" (Navyashastra conferred this title on him proving that this cult too is important as it gives titles) of the cult is from a caste we consider to be upper-caste and we are sorry that a prominent member of the cult caused anguish to the Paraiyah caste by using language that can be perceived as offensive. We hope that the people of the Paraiyah caste will forgive Navyashastra for the remark made by the prominent leader of the cult. 

We have been told that if one uses the word Paraiyah in a derogatory manner as this Navyashastra leader has done, it is a serious offense for which he can be jailed without bail. We also understand that this attitude by the leaders of the cult and people like them has resulted in oppressive practices in society. 

Navyshastra promises to instruct Jaishree Gopal, Sugrutha Ramaswamy, Bala Aiyer, and V V Raman to do 108 thoppukaranams each as punishment. We hope that this will be sufficient penance and that the Paraiyah caste will not complain to the police about the kind of language used by a prominent leader of the Navyashastra cult. If this punishment does not satisfy members of the Paraiyah caste, we are willing to raise the number to 508 thoppukaranams or take suggestions on any other form of punishment. Here is an instructional video on thoppukaranam and we instruct Navyashastra leaders to record and upload their thopukaranam video on Youtube: . 

Navyshastra admits that this apology is not the result of any court order and has been made with our full consent. Navyshastra refuses to be intimidated by any likely protests. We were not intimidated when the Brahmins protested last time: . 

Navyshastra...where apology never stops!


Hitanshu said...

From what I read in their blog they appear to be a bunch of anti-hindu loonie bins. I dont know why they required a special mention in this blog..

Arvind said...

notice that this was a parody of navyashastra and ridicules them.