Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a number of my articles on godhra, the predatory 'intelligentsia', gujarat, etc. over the years

feb 22nd, 2011 CE

the burning of the sabarmati express and the roasting alive of 59 hindu pilgrims was, according to the verdict handed out today, a premeditated conspiracy. 

since the media has always said, 'let the law take its course', now that the law *has* taken its course, they should be happy. 

but no. like teesta, they will keep on arguing the same case until they get the judgment they want. they had been very happy with the uc "spontaneous combustion" banerjee commission which claimed that the hindus had spontaneously caught fire. 


Sameer said...

A typical Kaangressi verdict... Conspiracy - yes but conspirators - innocent.
Ayodhya - Hindu Temple, Land - 3 parts..

souixsie said...

This tragic episode, and that of the Ayodhya temple, ought to be case histories on how Indian secularists fabricate their narratives. I encourage you to write a book on Godhra so that there is one handy definite reference tome to reach on this subject. Likewise, I hope that Koenrad Elst would update his seminal book on Ayodhya to incorporate the ASI findings and excerpts from the Allahabad judgment.