Monday, February 14, 2011

Egypt the Prize

feb 14th, 2011

somewhat cryptic. egypt 'the prize'? why? but there's a bunch of sensible stuff in what the guy says. 

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From: Arvind Kumar

From a 2002 article about a presentation made by one Laurent Murawiec. The powerpoint slides are reproduced at the bottom of the article. The guy who made the presentation passed away in 2009.

Grand strategy for the Middle 

• Iraq is the tactical pivot

• Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot

• Egypt the prize


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Non Carborundum said...

Maybe Egypt is the tactical pivot, because the US could change a regime there relatively easily, thereby causing the rest of the Sunni Middle East to shit in their pants, making them all more pliant, enabling the US to control OPEC and save the dollar's status as a reserve currency and basically change equations between the US and these countries, thereby making them all a strategic pivot, or several strategic pivots.

Then the prizes could be all the oil-rich Islamic countries, and the biggest prize among them could be Iran, against whom the US would have succeedeed in making the entire Sunni group gang up against.

Disclaimer: This analysis was done without the use of alcohol.