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Modi did what he could

feb 13th, 2011

one man's opinion on the witch hunt against modi -- motivated by fear that he, in fact, can overthrow the nehru dynasty.

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Modi did what he could
With another SIT report leak, Modibashing has started again. He is the whipping boy of every body who have their own axe to grind. Naturally he gets sympathies from people who are not biased and have an independent way of thinking. Ahmedabad has a history of communal conflicts. I was posted in Ahmedabad (while I was in the Army) in 1969( or was it 1970?) when massive riots took place and Army were called in and I had a first hand knowledge of what happened then. Muslims started the riots and Hindus retaliated. Congress Government was in power then and no records of deaths were published though unconfirmed reports put it beyond 2000.

Mody had to face the tide of people's revulsion when 100 and odd innocent pilgrims were burnt alive in Godhra train. This revulsion might have percolated into public and police. Modi did what he could. But nobody bothers that more Hindus died in police firing than Muslims. He has also been able to get 600 convictions in the post-riot trials out of which 20 got life sentences. But look at the Congress record. In the anti-Sikh riots, more than 3000 innocents were massacred. How many of these murderers are punished till now. Rather Rajiv Gandhi justified the massacre with his infamous and stupid earth trembling remark .Or is it because Sikh's blood is expendable since they are not supported by Jihadis?

As far as R.B. Srikumar, the main witness of SIT, is concerned less said the better. He has a dubious professional record. He was first charge sheeted in 1999 when he was with IB in the infamous ISRO espionage case. Due to his past record he was denied DGP's post which made him an enemy of Modi. But true to his character, Modi never put him in the dog house as a Chairman of a Police Housing Board or some thing else. He gave him the important Crime Branch which I am sure he will be regretting now. He never knew he was putting a cobra into his underpants. Modi also got the ire of the billion dollars worth prosetalysing international Christian groups for not allowing fraudulent conversions in Gujrath.It is their pressure that denied a visa for him by USA,a country who have no qualms in supporting mass murderers in South America and Middle east.

I used to wonder why the entire English media is against Modi inspite of the good work being done by him in Gujrat. This brings to my mind an earlier report about clandestine foreign funding of our main channels.The recent episodes involving luminaries in the visual media like Barkha Dutt has proved the depth of decadence they can stoop.

The efforts of alleged foreign funded NGOs like the one headed by Teesta Setalvad, dubious characters like Sreekumar, a minority brainwashed into hating Modi, missionaries who are denied the right to denigrate Hinduism and fraudulently convert people, Islamic jihadis who want an Islamic state in India and a party who has no shame to be a puppet in the hands of a foreign born lady all may cry hoarse and conspire against Modi,but as a true patriot he will overcome all these. No wonder Gujrath is the most prosperous and communally peaceful state in the country now.

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