Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sonia's pearls of wisdom on Ram Setu issue

Note, in the first public comment by "Goongi Gudiya" (Dumb doll) Sonia on the issue:
NO apology for the hurtful affidavit filed by her government in the Supreme Court,
NO condemnation of Karunandidhi's obscenities,
NO regret for the actual violence unleashed in the pogrom by her Dravidian allies in Tamil Nadu,
NO punitive consequences for Ambika Soni, TR Baalu etc.

"...Kaangress has always believed in equal respect for all religions. We believe
no such thing should happen which hurts the sentiments of people....."

Disrespect for the Hindu civilisation has been the USP of the coalition government
that Sonia controls. And their regime is characterised solely by laceration of Hindu sentiments, by undermining the long term interests of the Hindu nation, by imperiling it's freedom and indeed threatening it's very existence.

There will be no takers, therefore for Soniaji's dhimmitude.

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