Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bamboccioni: Italian Baby-Man Syndrome

Italy is suffering from the problem of Bamboccioni: Overgrown Big Babies.
By coincidence India is also suffering from the same problem -- we too have an overgrown Italian baby-man who won't leave the nest. He wants Mama to provide him with employment and sustenance for life -- by handing him the country like it's a family heirloom. This is of course much easier for Rahul than actually having to make a career on his own.


Sudarshan said...

Can anybody please do some research on Rahul Gandhi's educational qualifications? So far we have only heard vague reports of a less-than-bright educational career in the US. This guy will be projected as the heir apparent in the next elections. The voters would like some authentic info. I hope some NRI can help, because I don't particularly relish the prospect of being the vassal/property/meal ticket of this parasitic family.

Harish said...

we have had multiple postings on Rahul's "educational" qualification in the blog before..Some even said he had a degree on "advanced basket weaving" :-)

Jokes apart.. just search for it in the archives here you should find tons of info on his educational "qualifications"!!