Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sins of the Fathers

Other than Taliban soldiers who abduct young boys from villages, it seems to me that there are no greater bunch of religious hypocrites professing piety than the Vatican, and their frolicking de-frockable frock-raisers.

(As an atheist, I'll offer a little advice to the guy who comes around here calling himself 'Christian' -- even if there's no God to catch you in the act, video-cameras will.)


nizhal yoddha said...

godman ratzy will now issue a press statement that his boy tommasso simply has a 'wide stance' :-) just like the good senator from idaho.

the ELM will publish that and say, 'oh, that explains it. it's all a big misunderstanding. gays are bad, but the good monsignor's wide stance was misinterpreted by all the boys he has propositioned and sodomized. see, just a little misunderstanding, funny, no? ha, ha.'

Sudarshan said...

Funny ain't what I've heard a guy who was in the Northeast told me. There some boys were caught trying to practice their old tribal religious beliefs. The Church accused them of Devil Worship and virtually made outcasts of them.