Saturday, October 13, 2007

Che, Chavez, Latin Leftists

The Atlanticists seem to be very selective about which Leftists they do or don't like. They love the American Left, the Indian Left, the Left-wing liberals of Russia, and those of similar ilk in Japan.
But one section of Leftists the Atlanticists will absolutely not tolerate, are the Leftists of Latin America. The obvious reason for this is that Latin Leftists are rivals to the Church and the European-backed cronyists who vie for control of South America's vast resources. Where Europeans perceive a non-Leftist rival, they will quickly instigate Leftists to attack them, but otherwise where their own cronies are in charge, they don't want any Left-wing challenge to them.

This of course makes me like the Latin Leftists, despite my natural aversion for socialism. It also makes me wonder why the Indian Left don't do more to embrace the Latin American Left (well, one obvious reason is that Indian Leftists love the Church, while Latin Leftists oppose its oppression.) Indian Leftists cover up their hypocrisy towards Latin America by hyperactively fawning over their one hero Castro on his lonely little island, while ignoring the rest of the vast continent. I'll be glad when the Lefty fan-magnet Castro kicks the bucket, so that Indian Lefties will finally be forced to notice the rest of Latin America.

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karyakarta92 said...

Here's an interesting factoid about
Indian leftists and Latin America:

M.N Roy, one of the leading lights of COMINTERN apparently founded the Communist party of Mexico!

Which is why Indians are viewed with some suspicion in Mexico till the present day - a reason why you're likely to face delays if officially applying for a visa to visit Mexico.