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Pujari training irrespective of caste

oct 5th, 2007

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Subject: Pujari training irrespective of caste


Please see two recent news items on the issue. Methinks restricting priesthood to only a caste that the British defined as Brahmins doesn't make sense. The Varna system as per Bhagavad Gita is "guNakarmavibhaagasha" ( Gita 4.13) -  i.e according to guNa (the composition of satva-rajas-tamas) and  karma ........... and not by birth .

And here is putting it to practice

Item 0: an old piece -

Youth from all sections of the society, particularly the scheduled castes, came forward in a large way
to become temple priests and lead the Hindu masses. VHP organised special training camps f or them. Till now more than 1000 priests have been trained.

News Item 1: 

Sreedharan Tantri is the founder and chairman of Sri Narayana Tantrika Research Vidyalayam, a charitable institute in North Paravur, Ernakulam District that trains children, irrespective of caste and creed, in Kshetra Tanta Vidya.

News Item 2:

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A silent revolution is on in the Vayanad region of Kerala (Bharat), thanks to the Kshetra Samrakshana Samiti (Temple Protection Committee) functioning under inspiration drawn from the ideals of RSS. The Samiti has conducted Poojari training course for the vanavasi (Scheduled Tribe) boys of Vayanad. Of the 29 boys  who participated in the course 28 were from vanavasi families. The Samiti had sent out an appeal to all major temples in Kerala inviting applications from boys of any caste willing to join the Poojari training course. Over 70 applications were received. 29 were selected with the permission of parents. All boys were given initiation and guidance in performing Sndhya Vandhanam to begin with. Their daily routine has ben designed so that they do the daily duties like any temple poojari. The boys on their part evince enthusiasm in abundance.

RASHTRA DEV, Hindi fortnightly brought out from Bareily, Meerut and Dehradun; dated September 30, 2007.



AA said...

Since we are on the issue of caste, the Economist pontificates on caste based reservation in the urban sector. Here is the link:

drisyadrisya said...

Just adding a few more quotes from Gita.. ( approximate translation )

Clearly varna was meant to be quite different from the British introduced caste divisions

The division of human labor is also based on the qualities inherent in peoples' nature or their make up. (18.41)

Those who have serenity, self control, austerity, purity, patience, honesty, transcendental knowledge, transcendental experience, and belief in God are labeled as intellectuals (Braahmans). (18.42)

Those having the qualities of heroism, vigor, firmness, dexterity, not fleeing from battle, charity, and administrative skills are called leaders or protectors (Kshatriyas). (18.43)

Those who are good in cultivation, cattle rearing, business, trade, finance, and industry are known as business men (Vaishyas). Those who are very good in service and labor type work only are classed as workers (Shudras). (18.44)

Ghost Writer said...

Yes - the Gita quotations in the Economist are a baffling translation. Not so long ago this British rag was almost celebratory in reporting the "hundreds of thousands" of "lower caste" people converting to Buddhism. Not that any Hindu should truly mind folks going to the noble path - but it turns out the event was politically inspired by the usual secular suspects - and the number turned out to in the hundreds - and far from the thousands (and very very far from the hundreds of thousands)

I would however like to know exactly how many people of non-Brahmin jaatis are enrolling. I suspect the number will not be large. This is because - unlike what the secular media reports (and what the idiot Vayalar Ravi says) - non-Brahminical jaatis do not queue up for the priesthood. They are happy enough in their jaati brotherhood and proud of their contribution without feeling the need for a change in vocation

Sameer said...

why christian? How is the ricebag? (The one which ur 'father' gave for which u sold ur soul).

Well, its ot sudden love, if u have been following the activities of the vanvasi kalyan ashram and also this was there on the blog in between...
Also, they are our people and we care for our people, not you wolves, who only look for more converts... so sick of u and ur cabal...
If u feel the need for 'service to the poor', then go to ur brethern in America, Phillipines, south america etc.