Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Open letter to Harvard

oct 10th, 2007

witzel is a nazi, basically.

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Open letter to Provost of Harvard
By Shree Vinekar – India Forum
Published  10/1/2007
This letter was mailed on Martin Luther King Day in 2007.  No response was received from Harvard.  Now this is an open letter to the Provost of Harvard published on October 2nd, 2007 on the Gandhi Jayanti Day to be recognized by the UN as the International Peace Day.  Persecution by pen of any group is a form of violence that needs to be exposed and curtailed.  Harvard needs to take a lead in this effort.
January 15, 2007
To: Dr. Steven Hyman, M.D.
      Provost, Harvard University
Re: A Harvard University Professor indulging in slander, violating academic, ethical standards, and probably core values of Harvard.
Dear Dr. Hyman:
I trust you will graciously, and with an open mind, accept this letter as a serious appeal to you whom I view as a highly respected leader and authority figure within the U.S. medical, scientific, and academic communities. I turn to you expecting your sense of justice and fairness to offer some redress or reassurance for not continuing to perpetrate what I see as an insult to the Hindu American Community in the U.S. by someone representing Harvard University. Due to recent communications from Harvard University that call into question the sensibilities, sensitivity, and good judgment that is so required and, moreover expected, from one of the world's most prestigious leading universities, I feel it necessary to approach you with this sincere appeal.
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