Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Empire State Building to go green for Muslim holiday

This is a new height for liberal dhimmitude. Too bad the World Trade Center doesn't
exist anymore or the dhimmis could have lighted that green too.


habc said...

ot- very innovative idea - tell all your friends in Bangalore about it.

Internet revolution reaches India's poor

Any Bangalorean could confirm the observation: the city teems with laborers desperate for work, and yet wealthy software tycoons complain endlessly about a shortage of maids and cooks.

Blagsvedt's epiphany? "We need village LinkedIn!" he recalled saying, referring to a professional networking site. He quit Microsoft and, with his stepfather, Ira Weise, and a former Microsoft colleague, built a social-networking site to connect the yuppies of Bangalore with its wage laborers. (The site, which Blagsvedt began this summer and runs out of his home, focuses on Bangalore for now, with plans to spread to other Indian cities and perhaps globally.)

Building a site meant to reach laborers earning $2 to $3 a day presented special challenges. The workers would be unfamiliar with computers in general and with Babajob in particular.

Kaunteya said...

Ajmer shrine was blasted today. But this is a pattern that the terrorists are establishing so that far more devastating blast can be justified in the ulema.

Malegaon killed 40 odd people, so the Mumbai blast could be justified with 300 odd dead.
Hyderabad Masjid killed 9 people so that 60 people at Gokul, Hyderabad could be justified

Dehli jama masjid "injured" 2 guys (Which Shekhar Gupta famously called as work of hindu fanatics) and it was followed by Diwali blasts in Dehli where 100 died.

Ajmer shrine is a drama enacted to justify bigger blasts in future.

All those in India please beware of going to crowded places - the festival season is just starting.

Please pass this on.

siva said...

WTF…… OMG what is happening to the land of the free and home of the brave. As they say great powers always decay from within and commits suicide rather than destroyed by outside forces. Are we seeing the beginning of that?

May be the Empire state building owners are trying to pre-empt another strike by Muslim barbarians. Who knows.

Sundar Lal Bahuguna said...

thanks habc, thats the stuff what i was myself looking for