Saturday, October 13, 2007

no indian has won a nobel prize since nehruvian brown sahibs came to power.

oct 13th, 2007

of course, the nobel prizes are highly atlanticist and political, but still. (the leathery old MT won one, and the godman jpII was dying to get one, amazed they didn't stage-manage it! i am also surprised they haven't given one to the 'reverend' billy graham yet before the guy kicks the bucket).

yet another indication of the utter mediocrity of the nehruvian stalinist state, which has been built up as the mirror-image of the utterly mediocre nehru. i suspect they're lobbying furiously to get manmohan singh, or susan arundhati roy, or shabana azmi, or teesta setalvad, or some other equally undeserving hack, a nobel peace prize one of these days.

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